Chapel to Be Extended to Megachurch

The Future MSUBC - Bernado Schirmer

Written by Lane Hill
Megaphone Web Editor In yesterday’s speech to the campus, president Jake Schrum announced that there are plans in the works to replace the Lois Perkins Chapel with McCombs Southwestern University Bible Church, a new church that’s roughly only a few cubits smaller then the McCombs Center.

Construction on this project will start in a week, at eight o’clock on Sunday morning. The area would be fenced off, only leaving the seal for hopeless freshmen and suicidal seniors to walk across.

According to Schrum, the new facility will have enough seats to fit “all of the students on campus, plus their family members, if they are a member of a typical nuclear family”, a Sodexho-catered restaurant called “Jesus’ Fine Cuisines”, a new space for the Korouva Milk Bar, a Methodist church, a Sunday School for the little kids, a small library, several meeting rooms and a Starbucks. There will also be a place to sell asses and olives, as well. However, the stained glass windows will be replaced with standard window panes with a cross formation in the middle, and the altar will be replaced with a projection screen. The entire Religious Studies department will have a new home in the facility, and the old Kyle E. White Religious Center will be used as an International House for selected students.
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Comedian Paul Varghese is a Hit

Paul Varghese - Bernado Schrimer

Written by Alma Aguilar
Megaphone Advertisement ManagerThe University Programming Council’s (UPC) Friday Night Live kick- off event proved to be a success. On Friday, September 5th, comedian Paul Varghese performed for over 200 SU students at The Cove. Varghese has been making audiences laugh nationwide for over seven years now with sarcasm and jokes about things that everyone has thought about but never imagined to could be made into such funny jokes.

He was a contestant in NBC’s Last Comic Standing and has appeared on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham as well as Telemundo’s Loco Comedy Jam. His resume surely caught Daniel Waite’s eye when choosing this year’s Friday Night Live line up.

“His comedy is intelligent and we thought that his comedy would go good at Southwestern,” said Daniel Waite, University Programming Council Chair.
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El Charrito: A Tex-Mex Lover's Mecca

Written by Bryce Hagan

Rising like a pink-and-turquoise mirage out of the sweltering central Texas heat, El Charrito is an oasis of culinary comfort for those Tex-Mex refugees who, after seeking respite in the Dos Salsas or (dare I say it) Chipotles of the world, find Georgetown’s selection to be severely lacking when concerning the national (i.e. Texan) cuisine.

In an era of overprocessed, overpriced, and underappreciated Mexican food, El Charrito is one of the few local establishments to inhabit that sublime area somewhere between the roadside taqueria and the mom-and-pop diner; a cherished haunt for expatriated San Antonians like myself with cherished memories of a hundred El Charritos by other names that populate the streets of my hometown.

Since 1995, El Charrito (which I’m told is Spanish for “The Charrito”) has been offering passage to old Mexico with fresh ingredients and simple dishes prepared in an unfussy, consistent tradition. But you won’t need a passport to reach this gastronomic destination, which lies on Austin Avenue just north of the city square.
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Southwestern Welcomes Diverse Class of 2011

The Diverse Class of 2011 - Alex Hall

Written by Taylor Garcia

This year’s freshman class is the first to break several records, with more out-of-state students than in years past and more minority enrollments in the history of the university.

The following statistics are considered official until the twelfth day of classes, at which point some of the information is subject to change. Nevertheless, the numbers are intriguing.

Last year’s freshman class of 2011 had 371 first year students. According to the current count 349 first-year students checked in this fall.
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Diabetes Cure In Sight

Written by Caitlin McShea

Scientists have made a breakthrough advance in reprogramming cells in mice. This stride brings medical technology one step closer to the development of replacement tissues and organs in humans.

Medical researchers at Harvard University have successfully transformed ordinary pancreatic cells into insulin-producing cells in white, diabetic mice. Doug Melton and his colleagues, responsible for the study, are pleased by these results.

Usually, non-insulin producing pancreatic cells (referred to herein as exocrine cells) make up over 90% of the pancreatic cell mass, therefore Melton’s success at transforming common exocrine cells into necessary, though much rarer, insulin-producing pancreatic cells (herein referred to as beta cells) may expedite the discovery of a plausible cure for diabetes. Continue reading

SU Cuts Down on Paper Consumption

Written by Catie Ertel

At the beginning of the semester, new restrictions were put into place on student printing via the printing system “Pirate Prints”.

“The primary reason is awareness,” said Director of Technology Support & Academic Computing Sharon Fass, who headed and carried out the change. “The second reason is maintenance.”

Though the idea was being pushed for years, Pirate Prints was implemented at the beginning of the semester, giving each student $35 in “green bucks,” or theoretical printing money, to use on about 500 sheets of paper at 7 cents each, the equivalent to a ream of paper. In the new system, students must retrieve a printing job after signing into a queue next to the printers. Their user name and password are the same as their username/password for their MySouthwestern account.
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