Kappa Sigma Explains Closure

By Kendra Lancaster

As many returning students here at Southwestern students may have realized, campus seems to be a little quieter lately.

Two days before official move- in day for returning students, the Kappa Sigma fraternity was closed off to non-members of the fraternity. Quickly “Mouthwestern” ran it’s usual course, but still there has not been an official statement given from the school given in regards of to the closing, .nor will there be by the fraternity nor the school. This article is not to report why the house closed, for Kappa Sigma is not allowed to discuss this; but instead show support to our fellow peers, who are going through a tough time, and allow them to give a formal statement.

Throughout the campus, one can hear the sounds of disgruntled students who are saddened that the house is will be inactive throughout the fFall semester. As junior student Julia Poritz said, “
I understand why the Sig house needed to close, but I’m definitely disappointed. A lot of us already miss being able to go out to the Sig house just for the sake of dancing to some really good music and hanging out with friends in an open and welcoming place. I’m sure the whole campus will gladly celebrate the re-opening of the Sig house, but we know that fraternities and their houses aren’t just about ‘going out’, so until then, I wish the brothers of Kappa Sigma the very best!”

Sophomore Nick Pena also gave a response of how he’s also sad he is that the house will not be as lively this semester, and what it means to him. In his own words.

“I miss the Sig house being open because it has been, for me, one of the mot open and affirming social gathering spaces on campus. And, since this campus lacks an abundance of cohesive gathering places, the closing of any of the fraternity houses would naturally be widely felt,” Pena said.

In regards to questions asked for this article, Tanner Garth, President of the Iota chapter of Kappa Sigma here at Southwestern, drafted up a formal statement for specifically for Tthe Megaphone. This is how it reads:

Dear Kendra and SU campus community at large,

We decided that the best way for us to respond to your questions is in written form. As most of you are well aware, the Kappa Sigma Fraternity house was briefly (3 days) closed at the beginning of the fall semester. We were closed due to an administrative decision as they were under the impression that we were not acting in accordance with the core values of the SU community, which we all love deeply. We are actively working to demonstrate the invaluable assets that Kappa Sigma can and has offered to the SU community over the years. For one hundred and twenty-two years the Iota chapter of Kappa Sigma has provided a safe place for men and women to spend their free time and discuss different ideas where anything and everything will be accepted. It sucks that the first years will not have as easy of time getting to know us, as in knowing us you are meeting a group of people that is different and accepting. Most of us came to college thinking that we would never join a fraternity, and have been pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere at Kappa Sigma, and would love to give the freshmen that same opportunity.

We have received an immense amount of support from the Greek community here as well as from non-Greek student organizations. We thank them all for the support that has been offered. As far as the upcoming semester for Kappa Sigma goes, we have imposed on ourselves, completely outside of the schools recommendations, a dry atmosphere in the Kappa Sigma house. We will not be hosting Masquerade, a favourite event for those in the know, or any events of that nature this semester. What we will be doing is continuing our partnership with the fantastic student activist groups as well as hopefully continuing to engage in events with groups like Ebony. We have already held the Voter Registration Drive which was on September 5, which was the first of our events this upcoming semester. We are also working the Student Peace Alliance on Darfur awareness week.

We plan on taking a fall pledge class, as well as looking forward to getting to know more of the first years. The first years that we have been fortunate enough to have interactions with seem like really cool people. We plan on pledging every first year male that fits this description: The speed of a mongoose, the strength of a bear, the wit of Faulkner, the serenity of a snowflake, the intellect of Bill Gates, and the physique of a Greek god. You know, standard Kappa Sigma attributes, we all got it.

Kappa Sigma has learned that we need to make it apparent to the SU community what a great accent to a college student’s experience we have always been.

The overall view of Kappa Sigma has hopefully not changed, other than the fact that we are now the forbidden fruit on campus, wanted, but just out of reach, by all.

Tanner Garth
Kappa Sigma President

Once again, the house has officially been re-opened for this semester. Even though the house will not be as active as before, the brothers of Kappa Sigma will welcome anyone who wishes to stop by the house to visit. Even though the short closing of the house was an unfortunate incident, it will not hold them back. Any freshman boy who is thinking about rushing, or is even undecided about rushing, next semester should stop by so they do not miss out on an opportunity to meet a great group of guys who they may wish to one day call their brothers.

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