History Colloquium Covers African-American Divorce

Dr. Pennington -Courtesy of Alex Hall

Written by Lori Higginbotham
Megaphone Op/Ed Editor

The History Department’s Annual Colloquium this year featured Northwestern University’s Dr. Dylan Penningroth, who spoke last Thursday on African-American divorce rates in the South.

While only history majors were required to attend the event, a variety of students and faculty members came to listen to Penningroth’s talk in the Mood Atrium. Penningroth begun his talk, titled “The Preacher’s Wife,” with an apology to Whitney Houston.

“I only watched the movie because my mom loved it,” he said, greeted with chuckles from the audience. Continue reading

SU to Host District 52 Candidates

District 52 - Courtesy of Michael Morgan

Written by Lorena Saenz

Southwestern University is centered in the heart of Congressional District 52 which includes Williamson, Bastrop, Lee and Travis counties. Incumbent state Representative Mike Krusee (R) is a business executive and graduate from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Krusee has played a crucial role in the development of the Central Texas region to due to his passionate interest in urban planning and design which earned his seat as board member of the Congress for New Urbanism in 2005.

Representative Krusee voted to place caps on property tax appraisals and limits on local revenue increases, in order to give a substantial break to property owners and families.

In recent months, Krusee has altered the tax system to help Texas Public school funding, raising it by $2.2 billion while giving $2000 yearly raise to teachers. Krusee helped to author House and Senate bills to bring a branch of Southwest Texas University (JOSH: should this be Texas State?) to Round Rock. Krusee also stands to increase Texas Border Patrol state funds to increase security along the 1200 mile Texas-Mexico border.

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Popping the SU Bubble: How Other Schools See SU

SU’s Snowglobe - Courtesy Michael Morgan

By Remy Robertson

For those students who lived in the Austin area before coming to college, Southwestern University was more than likely a college option that they had heard of for years. For the others who came from the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolis, Houston, or just rural Texas, Southwestern University did not have the depth of reputation that it had for Austin residents. But now that we’re all here, realizing the great academics and the great faculty SU possesses, we beg to ask the question: what is SU’s reputation, and why isn’t it more popular? Continue reading

Facebook Face-Off: Does it Suck, or Does it Rock?

It Sucks
Written By: Mackenzie Wooldridge

Facebook. It’s what we do when we’re supposed to be doing our homework. Be honest; who wouldn’t rather be online chatting with friends than reading a long-winded, dull, 50-page packet? It’s where we go to hang out virtually, the common room or lounge of the internet if you will.

I wasn’t interested in a new Facebook, I was just fine with the one I was using. I couldn’t really find anything wrong with it, so I never tried the new one. Why change when you like what you have?

Now, imagine my shock, surprise, and horror the fateful morning I logged in at the familiar login page to find a new, glistening, terrifyingly sterile world waiting for me.
“It’s like your mom cleaned your room for you while you were gone,” as Ben Parafina so aptly put it. Continue reading

YouTube Celebrities: Annoying or Not?

Dramatic Squirrel - Courtesy of the Internet

Written by Ben Parafina

If anything I adore this new age of media, the inherent lawlessness of the internet fades into the hollywood sunset and we come upon a new era of moderation, however Youtube still persists as a sort of new media zone where people are constantly changing. 

As much as I could turn this into a screed about my own personal feeling about each of the aforementioned stars, in the end I am cowed by their existence.
The fact that these people exist outside the normal machinations of media because of the internet leaves me with a paralytic hope for the new generation.  Continue reading

Dallas Cowboys Might Be Good!

By Kendra Lancaster

Any Cowboys fan would know the significance of last Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The two teams, both of which are in the NFC East conference, have had a long standing rivalry – which has only been deepened by Terrell Owens move from the Eagles to the Cowboys.

The last time these two teams met in Irving, the Cowboys unfortunately came up short in a painful and close loss; which put even more of the Cowboy’s pride on the line for this past game.

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Tony & Luigi's is an Italian Delight

Written by Josh Spencer

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: $20-$25 and less
So as promised, this column is moving on to a review that does not have to do with Mexican food. This week we’re switching geographies to the Mediterranean as found at Tony & Luigi’s Italian Mediterranean Restaurant.
Located at 1201 S. Church St., left off University Ave and just before Dos Salsas if you’re heading west on 29, Tony and Luigi’s (T&L) had its grand opening on Sept. 17. I was there and was impressed with its appearance and operation, considering it was the restaurant’s first day.

The interior is spacious and well-lit with high ceilings, and the environment is what you would expect from an Italian restaurant with soothing music, usually of jazz and classical varieties, playing in the background. Taking a page out of other Mediterranean eateries, all the tables have white paper and crayons for anyone who wishes to indulge his or her creative flair.
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Galaxy Cupcakes: Out of This World

Galaxy Cupcakes Display - Sam Marsh
Written by Alma Aguilar
Megaphone Ad Manager

With only a little more than a month of being opened, Galaxy Cupcakes is making a statement in Georgetown with their gourmet sweets.

From the moment you drive up, customers are welcomed by a very inviting atmosphere.  The color scheme of lime green and pink make you feel young again.

You truly see that Owner Cherie Gilbert has an eye for detail, which transcends onto her cupcakes. Continue reading

Rove to McCain: "You've Gone Too Far!"

Written by Andrew Dornon

Karl Rove, former chief advisor to President George W. Bush, publicly criticized Republican presidential nominee John McCain’s political ethics. Rove’s comments were specifically aimed at the truthfulness of several negative ads targeting Democratic nominee Barack Obama. He said that McCain had “gone one step too far, and sort of attributing to Obama things that are, you know, beyond the 100 percent truth test.” As of yet, no one has ascertained when Rove came up with this test, but all are sure that it has only recently been implemented.

A few words on Karl Rove: He is on the fast track to Catholic sainthood. Recently, by Papal decree, he was moved ahead of Mother Teresa on the to-be-saint list.  Continue reading

Animal Rights: Compassion in Action

Meg Susong


Written by Meg Susong

Megaphone Web Columnist

The reality is that the movement for animal rights is misunderstood and misrepresented. Animal rights, unfortunately, often becomes synonymous with radicals actions and a disregard for humans. What most forget when making a blanket assumption is that all movements have their radicals. But the truth is, that many of you don’t even know about us, those who have dedicated themselves to combating cruelty, because apart from dinner, there are few occasions on which cruelty and the desire to abstain from it becomes so obvious. But we are here, and we are a growing number. We have realized, like other movements before us, that for something to be done, someone has to take a stand. And often this means sacrifice, to the unsure eyes of others. But more importantly, it means that significant changes must occur in our ways of thinking about ourselves and animals, separate and in relation with one another.  

The movement under the banner of animal rights has so many different faces, and many people are only exposed to one or two. And this exposure can be negative or threatening, which only hurts the cause and slights the voices of those who are not so fanatical. Animal rights comes in so many faces, with each face reaching for the same end goal: a better existence for nonhumans. Why? Because they are sentient creatures, capable of deep emotions much like humans (but operating under different circumstances). There is no excuse to abuse an animal simply because we have created a mindset that is it both necessary to our survival and that they are renewable resources. There is no reason that, in an attempt to be a progressive world, we can not take animals into account along with all our other problems to sort out. There is no better time than the present. Continue reading