The Megaphone Staff Offers Its Condolences

Written by Rachel Rigdon
Megaphone Editor in Chief

When you look up the definition for “offend” in a dictionary, a number of entries pop up. The top one, in the Oxford English Dictionary, is “hurt someone’s feelings” and later on one of the meanings is to “ruffle someone’s feathers.” I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the purpose of The Megaphool and address the concerns of those who were offended – in one sense of the word.

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to any and everybody who was hurt by any of the content in The Megaphool. Our intention was (and is) never to cause any group pain with our work.

I would like to especially apologize to our older readers who felt maligned by some of the articles. We meant no disrespect but understand that it was, unintentionally, hurtful to some.

Furthermore, to our religious readers, we of course intended nothing negative toward any religious figures – rather toward abstinence-only sex education.

The purpose of The Megaphool is to satirize, to criticize, to humor and indeed to some degree to “offend” in the sense of to “ruffle someone’s feathers.”

If you were hurt or felt attacked – we sincerely apologize and hope you can trust that our intention was never to do that.

While I do apologize for some of the content and the negative impression it gave, I also have to use this opportunity to address a problem that I consistently see within the student body.

This is a student body that has no problem voicing its opinions via su-students, at the tables in the concourse or by holding meetings and progressive conversations; yet very few directly confront The Megaphone. This is distressing to me because of one of the reasons that people criticized The Megaphool: because The Megaphone is a representation of you.

But without your input we can never adequately represent you. Why have so many students invested the time to respond to the new website design but cannot send The Megaphone an email or letter to let us know what you want to see out of your newspaper?

We at The Megaphone work very hard to produce content that the student body wants to see, that is an adequate representation of what Southwestern students stand for, and that fills a valid role in this community. Sometimes we get it wrong. Sometimes we get it terribly wrong. But we always want your feedback so we know where we messed up, why we messed up, and what we can do to fix it.

While we at The Megaphone have to cater to many audiences – parents, administrators, Georgetown residents, professors, student organizations, advertisers, etc. – we are ultimately working for you, the students. The first-years through seniors are our bosses. We are merely stewards of your paper and need to know what you want out of it. There are many ways to tell us exactly what you want and need from The Megaphone so that it becomes exactly what you want in a student paper.

If you want something in The Megaphone or absolutely do not want something in it, consider writing for or at least coming to the copy meetings. There your voice will be heard at the very site of where the paper is thought up. If you can’t put in that much commitment, consider writing a letter to the editor about issues you feel are important or about what you want from The Megaphone. There is information on how to easily do this accompanying this article. You can email any of the editors or our general email to suggest articles, amendments, or even designs. If you’d prefer to be anonymous you can always send a paper letter (although we will not print anonymous letters, we will take your comments into consideration). If none of these resonate with you, we are currently working on an update to our website to allow suggestions from students and to provide a better forum for ideas that encapsulate all students—not just the ones who write for and layout the paper.

I hope that this article has eased some of the pain that The Megaphool caused and hopefully demonstrated how much we truly do care about our readers. I also hope that it has shown that we really do need you and your input for this paper to be what you want it to be. Just like everyone has the chance (and responsibility) to vote for who they want to see in power, so too do you have the chance and responsibility to let your voice be heard in reference to what you want in The Megaphone. Please don’t make us guess.

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