Season Four of Project Runway Boasts Its Fiercest Catwalk Show Yet

Written by Kassie Juenke
Megaphone Staff Writer

As season four of America’s Next Top Model comes to an end, fans tune in Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. to see who will be “in” and who will be “out.” The season started with 15 designers competing for the coveted runway shows at New York Fashion Week in Bryant Park and, of course, the $10,000 in cash.

While fans can’t deny the talent has increased this season, they feel the competitions have become boring. It’s often commented on the Project Runway fan-page “a lot of the designers already have established careers,” but “it’s boring and repetitive.”

Each season we tune in for the judges: supermodel Heidi Klum, top women’s and men’s wear designer Michael Kors and Elle magazine Fashion Director Nina Garcia.

Fans love to hear remarks from people who have made it in the fashion world and know what they are talking about. But fans really love the characters.

Like those of any reality show, fans of Top Model constantly measure this season’s contestants with those of the previous.

“If you compare the people from season one to season four there is quite a difference. Not to down on any of the talent, because I love Karasaun and Jay, but it’s just different now,” a fan from an on-line forum devoted to the show said.

When discussing the contestants that draw people to watch the show, Santino, from season two, still holds the title as the most memorable contestant.

“I still watch faithfully hoping something Santino-worthy will happen,” sophomore Jean Haire said.

Santino was “such a jerk, but he was funny at the same time and designed good clothes,” Haire said.

This season the youngest contest and undeniably talented Christian Siriano captures the fans attention.

“Christian is hilarious. He reminds me of a more gay, less honest Santino,” one fan in the forum said.

Like most young, talented designers, Christian is as cocky as they come. His ever-popular line from his interview “I’m fierce… kind of a celebrity, in my own head,” combined with the fact that he’d rather spend money on clothes than a bed made viewers instantly drawn to him.

“I love to hate Christian. He is such a diva with an attitude problem, and I’d hate to interact with him in real life, but of course he made the show interesting,” Haire said.

Siriano has also made fans – and Tim Gunn – add a new word to their vocabularies.

“It’s fierce” has made its way into the everyday term. A person, place, design or Asian (because Christain said, “I love Asians, Asians are fierce,” in a recent episode) doesn’t matter; the term fierce covers it all. Fans of the show slip it into their daily lives before they even realize it. The fact that Tim has even begun to use it to describe designs livens up the show.

On the Reunion episode, Christian’s position as the most interesting character was solidified when he was presented with a $10,000 check for being voted as the fan favorite.

Some are still upset by the elimination of Chris March when it came down to a final face-off between him and the draping Rami in the last episode.

His background in creating theatre costumes has given him a unique and personal style. In his final designs, looking for something new, he opted to use actual human hair. While definitely an unfamiliar approach, in the end the judges found him “talented but less marketable.”

As the season boils down, the fans’ buzz is ever increasing. Who will win? Jillian, her attention to detail and almost perfect execution, creates amazing designs. Rami has been ever consistent in his Grecian Goddess draping. While some fans find it boring, the designs are beautiful, and it’s impossible to deny his talent. And of course, Christian has many of the votes. He can create three looks in a single outfit, completing it with time to spare; plus, let’s admit it: he’s fierce. However, some worry he is too young or think that he needs to get over himself and work on his attitude.

It doesn’t matter if you find the season boring, want designers with a less distinguished career, or don’t think that anyone has managed to measure up to Santino and his impressions of Tim, you are a slave to the show. Fans have to tune in to find out what crazy thing was said, what the designs look like and of course, who gets “auf’d.”

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