McDonald's Serves Up Racism

Written by Claire Booher
Megaphone Staff Writer

McDonald’s has been a USA fast food phenomenon that has been taking over the international market. With millions of restaurants all over the world, Ronald McDonald House charities and more and more community activities being developed, you can not walk down the street without seeing its influence.

McDonald’s has recently changed its recipes to launch its brand new program about eating right.

After the documentary “Supersize Me,” which exposed McDonald’s unhealthy menu, McDonald’s restructured its recipes and started a campaign to appeal to a health conscience society.

Although McDonald’s has restructured their add campaign to be more appealing to the masses, it can also be seen as appeal to much toward one perception of a community.

When logging onto the McDonald’s website, there are several option to click in order to view different parts of the site. One particular option is called “Having Fun.”

If you click on this particular tab you will be presented with six other options three of which are called “365 Black,” “i am asian (sic)” and “MeEncanta.”

Each section provides opportunities and Mcnews for the Asian, Black and Hispanic race.

365 Black opens with a picture of a middle aged black man who won a trip to the Soul Train award show.

The website description states that: “At McDonald’s®, we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year.”

The website is said to offer opportunities for blacks, including employment and scholarships through the United Negro College Fund. Some of their advertised sponsored events advertised on this website include “Inspiration Celebration: Gospel Tour” and the CIAA Basketball Tournament.

“MeEncanta” is entered by clicking on a heart that you can customize yourself. The website already has a standard design customized including a soccer ball, two people salsa dancing and a pair of foam dice that you would hang around your car mirror.

There are four tabs that can be clicked on called “This is my Passion,” “I enjoy playing,” “Share your Latin Pride” and “Scholarships.”

Under “This is my Passion,” McDonald’s states to its Latin costumers: “You feel them differently, you live them like nobody else does. Dance and soccer, they are more than hobbies – they are your passions.”

In case any Hispanic-American was trying to determine which activities they were bred for, McDonald’s informs them. There are also games on this website such as “The 31 kick up challenge,” where you must attempt to juggle a soccer ball in the air 31 one times without letting it touch the ground.

“Share your Latin pride” gives all those who wish to wear McDonald’s version of their heritage on as a shirt, poster or stencil. Just like the African American website, “MeEncanta” provides scholarships for college bound Latin students with step-by-step instructions on how to apply for scholarships and how to get into college.

The “i-am-asian (sic)” website opens on a boys room complete with paper cranes, a large amount of electronics and a pig that, when clicked on, says “year of the pig.”

This website contains the smallest amount of activities. There is a small section promoting Asian Pacific American Heritage month, and a small section with a few scholarships that can be applied for. A painting on the wall labeled “Great to be part of McDonald’s” shows the involvement of Asian-Americans within McDonald’s.

While on “MeEncanta” and “365 Black” McDonald’s advertises employment opportunities, “i-am-asian” shows that Asian-Americans are owners, presidents and directors.

Each section offers a view of how McDonald’s believes would appeal to each race. McDonald’s has done its best to reach out to each community depending on how they see it. It would be interesting to view their international websites and see their perspective.

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