Your* Future Revealed!

Aquarius- This is the time to start over and to begin to enjoy yourself at the frat parties.

Pisces- Do not stress yourself out over things that are out of your control, you know you didn’t step on the seal intentionally.

Aries- You must keep a balance between work and play. For every hour you’re in class you must study three.

Taurus- You will need to digest some heavy issues, like the turkey tortilla casserole! (whatever that is)

Gemini- The sunrays will help you warm up your spirit, unlike the florescent lighting.

Cancer- Even if your work load seems like too much, remember you will get through it after you recover from your hangover.

Leo- You must work to keep your body and soul healthy, spend a little more time in the Robertson Center.

Virgo- Do not keep anything in, talk about what is truly bothering you. As long as you don’t mind catching mouthwestern syndrome.

Libra- You will be surrounded by new and old friends, try meeting the foreign exchange students.

Scorpio- Do not focus on what you do not have, appreciate what you do have; like the mold in your dorm bathroom.

Sagittarius- Take a deep breath and count to ten during stressful situations. A zero on that pop quiz won’t make you a super senior.

Capricorn- Attend you professors office hours to receive clarification. (wink, wink)

*And everyone else with the same birthday.

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