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"Fiddler on the Roof" Comes to the Alma Thomas Theater

Written by Jessica Espinoza
Megaphone Staff Writer

March 6 through March 9, Southwestern’s Alma Thomas Theatre will be housing one of the largest musical productions that The Sarofim School of Fine Arts has seen to date, BOCH and Harnick’s musical “Fiddler on the Roof.”

The show, first proposed in February 2007, was a collaborative effort by the theatre and music departments the come up with an idea for the grand opening of the refurbished Alma Thomas Theatre.

Casting began the second day of the spring semester, and rehearsals the week after that. Students were required to prepare one song for preliminary auditions, and two further call-backs were held.
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Alumnus Funds Award

Written by Ellen Davis
Megaphone Guest Writer

If you have ever had the desire to start your own business, this is the award for you.

James D. “Jimmy” Wright, a 2002 graduate of Southwestern, has created an award for student entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurial award is inspired by a courier business that Jimmy Wright started while attending Southwestern.
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Candidates Get Graded on Environment

Written by Meg Susong
Megaphone Staff Writer

Environmentalism being the new “in” movement (not that being “in” is a bad thing), the current bout of election candidates have been faced with tough questions on such. From being questioned by the ‘average Joe’ to the concerned snowmen on the topic of global warming, the issue has certainly been a player in this election season.

Taking a look at the five remaining candidates from both sides, it is easy to see that they have understood the highlighted position of the environment, and are certainly touting it for all it’s worth.

One environmental magazine called Obama a “bona-fide, card-carrying, bleeding-heart greenie.” While that is probably an overstatement, Obama has certainly had an environmental outlook at times. As a student at Columbia University, Obama worked for three months as an environmental activist to promote recycling in Harlem. As a community organizer, he fought against environmental racism.
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Obama & McCain Maintain Leads After Potomic Primaries

Written by William Thomas
Megaphone Staff Writer

The last couple of weeks have seen a tremendous amount of excitement in the presidential race. Barack Obama has won all of the Democratic primaries or caucuses that have been held since Super Tuesday, earning a total of 187 delegates.

While Mike Huckabee has won two of the six Republican primaries or caucuses, John McCain has held onto his strong lead. At this point, one might wonder if there is any reason left to keep an eye on the presidential primaries with two possible leaders emerging on each side. Rest assured – the race is far from over.

In the Democratic primaries, Barack Obama has taken a slight lead over Hillary Clinton. According to CNN, Clinton trails Obama by 69 delegates (Obama currently has 1,319 delegates and Clinton has 1,250 delegates).
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Swimmers End Season With Strong Finish

Written by Sam Marsh & Lorena Saenz
Megaphone Staff Writer & Sports Editor

This past weekend the Bucs swim team competed in the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference meet in Southlake, Texas.

It was held at Southlake Carroll High School, and co-hosted by Austin College, Trinity University and Southwestern. This was a year of great improvement from recent years, showing growth in the program.

Senior Kyle Marshall had plenty to say: “I felt that this was the best SCAC meet that we have had in a while. We have an awesome group of first-year men who did an excellent job this weekend. We scored more points as a men’s team this year than we have in a long time. The women also did a fantastic job. They had a lot of girls come back and swim in the finals and it was exciting to see how great they did.”
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Verizon Grant Funds Internship

Written by Alma Aguilar
Megaphone Staff Editor

Earlier this semester, Southwestern received a $66,000 grant from the Verizon Wireless Foundation in order to fund a summer internship program on campus.

Students who participate in the internship program will become more familiar with the issues that surround people who suffer from domestic abuse.

Ten students from the application pool will be chosen to take part in the internship program. They will work with various organizations, such as SafePlace, STARRY, Hope Alliance, LifeSteps and the Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center.
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Re-energize Texas Summit

Written by Giulia Giuffre
Megaphone Staff Writer

Last weekend, Feb.8-10, over 200 students from 28 schools all around Texas visited the University of Texas at Austin to be part of the Re-Energize Texas Summit.

The gathering was the biggest ever youth summit to address climate change and global warming in Texas.

Last July, Anna Pierce, Austin Campus Environmental Center and coach chair of the Sierra Student Coalition, and other organizers wanted to plan an event that would create a network of students for climate change.
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SU Students Say Plastic Bags Should Be Taxed

Written by Mariah Arispe
Megaphone Staff Writer

Plastic. It is everywhere; in stores, homes, schools and businesses.

The American public, including SU (no matter how much we may want to disassociate ourselves from it), cannot seem to get away from I – most specifically when we buy groceries from places like H-E-B, Target, Wal-Mart or Kmart.

It is well known that the primary source of bagging products is plastic bags. Though we cannot necessarily disassociate ourselves from it completely, there are people everywhere – including students here at SU – that are now taking a more environmentally-conscious, less-energy-consuming method of bagging their groceries.
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