Sigs Welcome World-Renowned Lama to SU

Written by Megan Metzger

On Tuesday, November 20 the Kappa Sigma Fraternity will be hosting Lama Ole Nydahl. He is a world renowned, fully qualified, meditation master of the Karma Kagyu Buddhist tradition.

Nydahl’s education in Buddhism began when he and his wife met the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa on their honeymoon in Nepal in 1968. Karmapa was a spiritual leader of the Karma Kagyu linage, which is one of the main schools of teaching in Tibet. Nydahl and his wife studied for three years in the Himalayas where they received teachings of Buddhist traditions and further developed the necessary experience for meditation. In 1972, Karmapa instructed Nydahl to establish the first European Karma Kagyu center. This was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is Nydahl’s hometown.

From then on, Nydahl has made a name for himself and has become one of the most well-known Western teachers of Buddhism. He has established Diamond Way Buddhist centers in over 50 countries, which is over 450 centers. Approximately 100 of these centers are in English speaking countries.

Nydahl has spent over 35 years traveling around the world spreading the message of the Diamond Way teachings. He not only lectures to audiences but is also known for his inspiring meditation retreats.

The goal of the Diamond Way Buddhist teachings is to help people develop clarity and independence at any point in their lives. He believes that just like Buddhism promotes, you cannot be enlightened by only listing to lectures. You must incorporate them into your life. The enlightenment will ultimately come from real experiences and the changes they bring about in your life.

Nydahl believes that there are six liberating actions that are meant for direct use in one’s life. These are generosity, establishing a life that is meaningful and useful to others, knowing how not to lose future happiness through anger, harnessing joyful energy that insures our growth, meditation that makes life meaningful and the recognition of the true nature of mind.

Other than the six liberating actions, Nydahl lectures on how to find lasting happiness and how to remove the causes of suffering within our lives. His lectures are filled with not only important Buddhist teachings, but with some Danish humor blended in.

The lecture will be on Tuesday, November 20th at 7:30 p.m. So before leaving for Thanksgiving break, make sure to drop in to the Kappa Sigma house to get a sense of how to obtain happiness that might make the break a little more enjoyable.

In addition, to learn more about Lama Ole Nydahl, visit his website at

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