All Hail, King of H-B/M-S Complex

Written by Alma Aguilar

Many women out there may say that men are not faithful companions, but from my experience there is one that knows his duty as a male. Everyday after class, I can count on Leo to be there to welcome me.

He walks me to my door every other day in hopes of getting something in return. At the end of a long day, you may see us hanging out or just resting outside my dorm room.

Even though it is a co-ed dorm, my roommates do not like for him to linger around our living room since he may leave a mess. Who can blame him though—he’s a man. Most men are rugged and a little rough around the edges. That is what distinguishes them from women. Therefore, we should accept them for what they are.

Leo is pretty quiet. However, when has something to say, he makes sure to make it known. Even though he is not very tall, his presence is always noticed. Everyone who knows him makes it a point to say “Hello” or acknowledge him. He is usually pretty shy, but once he gets to know you, you can be sure that his friendship will last forever.

I know that his love for me is unconditional and until I do something to deeply upset him or stop giving him what he wants, he will continue to be there.

Leo is full of love. He’s an equal opportunity flirt. He does not care about gender, only if you will take care of him and take care of his needs. I usually get jealous since he spreads himself too thinly, and at times I do not get to see him all day. However, I do realize that he is a free spirit who lives on the wild side.

Leo is a Georgetown native. No one truly knows how and when he got here. It is a mystery, and we will never ask since he is very secretive. Instead of thinking about the past, everyone around him decided to adopt him into the Southwestern family and make him one of our own.

If you ever catch a glimpse of Leo, you will see and hear the “bling” he carries around his neck. For all that anyone knows, it was a gift from one of his close friends since he never takes it off, even to sleep. It reads as so: “Leo, King of H.B.”

Since our school has a very strict “No Pet” policy we have grown very fond of Leo the cat. I have always shied away from felines, but Leo is very different. He is kind to everyone and knows to keep his distance from those who do not want to be disturbed.

He mainly lingers around the North side of campus and has made the courtyard between Herman Brown and Moody-Shearn his home. Everyone has assumed the responsibility of feeding him some fresh milk or meow mix. On occasion I go all out and offer some tasty tuna.

Throughout the day, you can catch him just being a cat. He usually plays with the crickets in the grass. From what I have noticed, I have never seen any crickets harmed during one of their friendly feuds.

Everyone loves to have pets around since they bring a rare sweetness to the atmosphere. It is a nice change from the squirrels, possums or pooping birds. Leo is a very friendly and clean cat. He only bothers people when his belly begins to rumble or wishes to play with you.

Without Leo, many of us would not have much to look forward to in our dorms. He gives us a reason to enjoy living in Herman Brown or Moody-Shearn, since everyone knows how horrible the rooms really are.

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