America's Team Once Again

Written by Martin Irish

One play. One yard short. One botched hold and an unsuccessful run to the corner was all it took to end the Cowboys’ season.

Tony Romo had the season slip right through his hands. He single handedly broke the hearts of all of fans in one second. This is the kind of play that could potentially stick with a player for their entire career. Tony Romo should be hated. He should be outlawed from the city of Dallas. And considering that the Cowboys are America’s Team, he should have been deported.

Romo was probably the fastest player ever to gain respect in the NFL. If you watched any sports shows after just three weeks of his first start, you would have thought the guy had a couple of Superbowls under his belt already. He also could have lost that respect faster than anyone. Cowboys fans still, to this day, cringe at the thought. After the botched hold it would not have been ridiculous to predict the end of Romo’s career. Somewhere else? Could he become a head case? Will it linger forever? Canada?

It would have been easy for many of these to occur. Somehow, they did not. The Cowboys look more promising than at any other time this decade. They are 6-1 and their only loss has come at the hands of the dominant New England Patriots. Tony Romo and the Cowboys have come from the depths of despair of that missed PAT better and stronger so that there is never even the opportunity for tying field goals.

There were few questions about whether or not the Boys had the talent in the off-season. So far the Cowboys have been dominant. The two back system with Julius Jones and Marion Barber III is working. Tony Romo has coped well without Terry Glenn, who underwent knee surgery during the preseason. He has done this without relying on Terrell Owens. Romo has spread the ball more to Jason Whitten and Patrick Crayton, who have accounted for eight of his 15 touchdown passes so far this season. Romo is completing nearly 60 percent of his passes and has a 93.5 passer rating.

Tony Romo is good once again.

He supposedly has a great relationship with T. O. This looks especially beneficial to the team with the calmest time we have seen from the notorious receiver. While the Cowboys offense is among the leagues best, and picking Tony Romo up for your fantasy team could quite possibly be the pick of the century, the Cowboys defense is surviving.

Terrence Newman and hard-hitting Roy Williams are underachieving, but with the offense clicking, the defense has little pressure. A few stops here and there, and they can chalk another W in the win column.

Tony Romo has officially put last season’s despair behind him. He will not be a Bill Buckner. He has somehow survived his unforgivable mistake. If he had played poorly this season, you would have heard how that one play still messed with his head. You would hear calls for his trade. You would question the management for keeping him. The man that everyone was so quick to praise would have immediately become the man that was impossible to like.

Fortunately for Tony Romo, the Cowboy’s and their fans they will never have to experience that. The Cowboys are set to make another run at the Superbowl. After a few years of mediocrity and disappointment, America’s Team is not a dying franchise. They are back in business and their fans couldn’t be more ready.

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