SU Radio Gets Moving

Written by Leslie Lube

SU may soon offer students a medium through which they can do such things as share music, express their political views or listen to the morning news. Students Kaitlyn Dennis and Alex Rutledge are working with Student Activities Coordinator Jason Chapman to launch a school radio station.

“I know a lot of people have said they wish SU had a radio station, and they were disappointed when they found out that we don’t,” Dennis said.

She believes that a school-affiliated station would provide another method by which students can interact with each other on campus.

According to Dennis, the project is “still in the primary stage of planning,” and there is a lot of work to do if the station is going to get on the air. Chapman has been doing research to see what is “financially feasible,” for the project at this time, and they have decided that it will probably start out as an internet radio station.

They want to work with a website called Live365, which is helpful for a fledgling station because it handles matters such as royalties to give the stations a reduced price. However, the station will still cost over one hundred dollars a month, so finding financial backing is crucial.

The group of students creating the station will have to form an official organization in order to receive funding from the school. This would include drafting a constitution and electing officers. They are also looking for a permanent place to meet. After they are recognized as a school organization they will be eligible to receive a certain amount of money from the school, but this will not cover all of the costs.

In an effort to seek further funding, Dennis said, “I’m working on a King Creativity proposal to get money for basic funding.” Money from this grant could be used for equipment and the beginnings of a music library.

Because of the amount of work that still needs to be done, Dennis said, “the station will probably go on the air, at the very earliest, at the end of this semester, or, more likely, at the beginning of next semester.”

In the meantime, the group is actively seeking new members to help and to share ideas. One of the things that they want to do is to use a portion of the station’s airtime to “showcase SU artists.” There are several solo artists and groups on campus whose music could be shared on a school station.

Also, Dennis points out “most of the recitals and ensembles are recorded so we could play some of those, too.” Another idea she mentioned was to offer airtime to professors who do internet pod casts so that they have the opportunity to share their work with students.

So far, student support for the project has been positive. Students are excited about the idea of a school station and are willing to participate in the work it is going to take to get it going. Sophomore Jake Wilson, who attended the interest meeting, said, “I want to have a show where I answer questions about everything, but it’s going to be a pretty involved project. It’s a shame the FCC takes so long to approve new stations.”

Senior Sarah Salinas said, “I think that would be really great to have our own station because it could feature music that the students are playing.”

Dennis worked for the Texas Tech radio station, KTXT, this past summer, and she gained some valuable experience as a DJ. She said, “I enjoyed [the station] so much at Tech that I wanted to make one here. I think that a lot of students will want to be on it.”

Students interested in participating in the project can contact Kaitlyn Dennis.

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