About the Megaphone (2007)

The Megaphone is the official, student-run newspaper of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. It is published every Thursday when classes are in session. Please send submissions to SU Box 7444, Georgetown, TX 78626 or email one of the editors. For more information call (512) 863-1347. Placement of advertisements from campus organizations will be printed contingent upon the availability of space. The views expressed herein do not necessarily express the views of Southwestern University, its faculty, its trustees or its administration. All submissions must be approved by the editors of the Megaphone, and are subject to editing to accommodate brevity and clarity. No article will be printed if it is not accompanied by the real name and title of the author. Please direct any comments, complaints, or suggestions to any member of the Megaphone staff as listed above.

Staff Members of the Megaphone

Editor In Chief: Lori Higginbotham
Managing Editor/News Editor: Brennan K. Peel
Photo Editor: Laura Bishop
Features Editor: Whitney Laas
Opinions Editor: Marie Franki
Sports Editor: Lorena Saenz
A&E Editor: Caroline Tait
Backpage Editor: Vickie Valadez
Web Editor: Lane Hill
Advertising Manager: Sheena Gregson
Distribution Manager: Joshua A. Hughes

Paige Menking, Andrew Ivy, Alma Aguilar, Emily Brandt, Caitlin Buckley, Gillian Graham, Brooke Lyssy, Nicole Licea, Abbie Garcia, Sam Marsh, Hannah Yterdal.

Paige Ammons, David Squires, Leslie Lube, Kaitlyn Dennis, Samantha DelGaicco, Lance Turri, Brian Tidwell, Regan Lemley, Catie Ertel, Nick Pena, Meg Susong, Claire Booher, Brooke Calder, Megan Metzger, Sam Allen, Lindsey Albracht, Gulia Giuffre, Caitlin Shea.

Audra Belardinelli, Elizabeth Leshikar, Lauren Ferrante, Kristin Wyenandt, Alex Hall, Jessie Carrier, Bernardo Schrimer.