When it originally opened as a dormitory, Mood Hall had eighty bedrooms, a dining room, a library, and parlors. It was the first building at Southwestern completed with steam heat and electric lights built in at the outset, and it had bath and toilet rooms on every floor.
Mood-Bridwell was host to the first Brooks Prize Debate at Southwestern since 1927. The original Brooks Prize Debates were organized as annual competition between two of Southwestern's four literary societies. The tradition was revived by graduates (then students) Matthew Maschino '10 and Sarah Gould '10.

Mood-Bridwell Hall

Erected as a men’s residence hall, Mood Hall was completed in 1909, the year of Southwestern's first Homecoming. Over the years, Mood-Bridwell also functioned as an all-women’s hall, and housed naval trainees during WWII.

Today, Mood-Bridwell Hall is home to faculty offices and smart classrooms. Its most unique feature is the natural light atrium at the building's center, with veranda-type hallways overlooking it. The atrium is frequently used for lectures and social events.

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