When emissaries from the Brown Foundation came to campus to announce the third Brown Challenge grant in April 1976, they were received by President Fleming in the Field House. He had little choice, since the Cullen Building was closed for renovations and his office had been relocated.
Coffee and tea are time-honored staples of the college diet. For those who take their coffee seriously, there's the Korouva Milkbar, a student-run coffehouse on the west side of campus. Korouva is open daily and much-loved space for meetings, readings and relaxation.
The Field House is home to the SUPD, keepers of the Pirate Bikes. They handle all administrative matters, including coordinating student workers to conduct daily maintenance of the bikes. In other words, they help keep as many bikes out there in the wild as possible!

Field House

Located just north of the Cullen Building, the Field House is home to the University Police Department and the student-run coffeehouse, the Korouva Milkbar.

The Field House also served as a temporary office for President Durwood Fleming (1961-1981) during a previous renovation of the Cullen Building.

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