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Title IX

Other Concerns About Sexual Misconduct On Campus

How long after the incident do I have to file a complaint? Is there a statute of limitations?

There is no “statute of limitations” in the campus disciplinary system. However, the accused must be currently enrolled at SU at the time of the disciplinary hearing.

What if I was also violating an SU policy at the same time the sexual misconduct happened – e.g., if I were drinking underage – could I still file a complaint for the sexual misconduct?

Often sexual misconduct involves alcohol or drugs. In most cases, campus administrators are going to focus on the greater violation. For example, violating the sexual misconduct policy is seen as a higher priority than an alcohol violation, so you should consider a formal complaint even if you had been drinking.

What if I fear retaliation from my attacker, or one of his/her friends?

SU police and administrators take sexual misconduct complaints very seriously and will make every effort to prevent retaliation from occurring. One of the reasons you are encouraged to make a report to administrators is so that your rights can be protected. The University does not tolerate any kind of retaliation, and if it occurs, it should be immediately reported to the Dean of Students.  The accused would face further University disciplinary procedures.

What if I am sexually violated by an SU student somewhere away from campus (e.g., study abroad, on spring break, etc.)?

Any student participating in an officially sponsored campus activity is subject to the policies that govern student conduct. If you have questions about a specific incident, it is best to contact Dean Jaime Woody or Police Chief Brown anonymously to discuss jurisdiction issues which will allow you to decide if you want to pursue filing a complaint.

What if I am sexually violated by a faculty or staff member?

Sexual misconduct by an employee of the University may violate SU’s Sexual Harassment Policy, as well as criminal law. Your best course of action is to contact the Dean of Students (Jaime Woody) and/or the Sexual Misconduct Officer (Dr. Glada Munt).