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Title IX

“It is the policy of Southwestern University … to maintain both an academic and a working environment free from all forms of sexual harassment of any employee or applicant for,employment, student, donor, or former student volunteer or any other constituent of the University.”

The Sexual Harassment Officer

Glada Munt
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Professor of Kinesiology

Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures

Visit the Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Advisory Committee’s website for more information on their work. Topics covered include:

  • What is the Sexual Harassment Officer
  • What is the Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Advisory Committee?
  • What is the definition of sexual harassment?
  • What sorts of behavior (verbal and physical) would be considered inappropriate or unacceptable regarding sexual harassment?
  • If I ask someone out on a date, could that be considered sexual harassment?
  • I am not sure, but I think someone may have sexually harassed me. What should I do?
  • Who can utilize the services of a Sexual Harassment Advisor at Southwestern University?

Campus security

Campus security and safety is an important feature of postsecondary education. The Department of Education is committed to assisting schools in providing students nationwide a safe environment in which to learn and to keep students, parents and employees well informed about campus security. These goals were advanced by the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990. The Department is committed to ensuring that postsecondary institutions are in full compliance with that Act, and enforcement of the Act is a priority of the Department.

Data on Campus Crime

Parents and students can now review campus crime statistics for colleges and university campuses online. Summary Crime Statistics for Southwestern University for 2011-13 are now available: Download Southwestern’s crime statistics as a PDF file.

Help for Sexual Assault/ Sexual Misconduct

Where to go? Who to talk to? Please download our PDF for a comprehensive, printable manual on Help for Sexual Assault/ Sexual Misconduct.