Why Go Greek?

There are many good reasons, including...


From the moment you become a new member you are surrounded by sisters who genuinely care for you. You will not be alone at college. When you need a helping hand, it will be there. When good things come to you, others will be there to share your happiness. These friends will be your dearest and truest long after your college days are over.


Sorority members are given opportunities to show and improve their leadership skills. Sorority life teaches both cooperation and acceptance of responsibility as part of leadership experience. From your earliest days as a new member to being an officer planning events, you will gain invaluable experiences working within a group and leading it.


Each sorority has its own Philanthropy. Numerous philanthropic events are put on by each organizations during the year as a chance to help others. Alpha Xi Delta sponsors events to benefit Choose Children, Alpha Delta Pi sponsors events for the Ronald McDonald House, Delta Delta Delta sponsors events for Children's Cancer Charities, and Zeta Tau Alpha sponsors events for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer foundation.


Scholarship is what college is all about. The Greek System at Southwestern promotes the pursuit of academic excellence. The sorority women's cumulative GPA is higher than the all-women's average.