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Student Life

Student Organizations: Sports Clubs

These Student Organizations are sports clubs.


Contact: Lauren Tims
Advisor: Anna Castillo
Purpose: to support SU athletics, encourage fan participation, and build school spirit.

Student Athlete Advisory Council

Contact: Addison Elliott
Advisor: Bill Bowman
Purpose: to facilitate communication between student-athletes, the athletic department and the NCAA, as well as promoting sportsmanship, leadership and community involvement.

SU Dancers

Contact: Emma Crowe-Fleming
Advisor: Anna Castillo
Purpose: to unite talented young men and women in order to learn more about the art of dance through intense rehearsals and performances.

SU Fencing Club

Contact: Theresa Stefaniak
Advisor: Anna Castillo
Purpose: to provide the opportunity to practice fencing to those at Southwestern.

Ultimate Frisbee

Advisor: Anna Castillo
Purpose: to foster a student wide interest and participation in ultimate frisbee by providing programs and services for interested students.