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Student Life

Student Organizations: Special Interest

These student organizations are special interest organizations.

Alpha Phi Omega

Contact: Kathryn Reagan
Advisor: Patti Penney
Purpose: to develop leadership, promote friendship and provide service to humanity.

Animal Behavior Society

Contact: Anna Hugel
Advisor: Fay Guarraci
 Purpose: to foster a student-wide interest in animal behavior and provide a forum for animal behavior majors, minors and other interested students to interact and explore animal behavior related opportunities.


Contact: Shirin Hussain
Advisor: Carl Robertson
Purpose: to revive and maintain campus-wide interest, activity, and exploration within the distinctive cultures of Asia, and to provide a space to support Asian/Pacific/Islander/Desi American students.

Best Buddies

Contact: Berkeley Bacon
Advisor: Don Gregory
Purpose: to enhance the lives of people with intellectual and development disabilities by providing opportunities for mutually enriching friendships and integrated employment.

Cat Partners of Southwestern University

Contact: Nkechinyelum Okolo
Advisor: Kelly Lessard
Purpose: dedicated to the care and safety of the campus cats.

The Catalyst

Contact: Thuy Truong
Advisor: Jason Chapman
Purpose: to identify, educate, and empower emerging leaders at Southwestern University.

Circle K International

Contact: Meredith Horning
Advisor: Emily Niemeyer
Purpose: to serve Southwestern and the community through service, leadership, and fellowship.


Contact: Vanna Tran
Advisor: Terri Johnson
Purpose: to serve as an umbrella organization comprised of representatives from registered cultural and identity organizations at Southwestern University.

College Republicans

Contact: Jimmy Brymer
Advisor: Tim O’Neill
Purpose: to promote and discuss Republican issues and candidates, to encourage a more politically active campus community.

Colleges Against Cancer

Contact: Blake Smithson
Advisor: Maria Todd
Purpose: to fight cancer by volunteering for and supporting the programs of the American Cancer Society.


Contact: Nkechinyelum Okolo
Advisor: Reggie Byron
Purpose: to promote unity among African Americans and the SU community; greater awareness and appreciation of the diverse African American culture by emphasizing acceptance not tolerance, and breaking stereotypes.


Contact: Brandon Hudson
Advisor: Alicia Moore
Purpose: to provide positive social and political context that will influence the success of African American males at Southwestern.

Finch Society

Contact: Gabby Hunt
Advisor: Lizette Villarreal
Purpose: to unite students with prospective students to enrich the recruitment experience.


Contact: Mica Radu
Advisors: Don Gregory & Fay Guarraci
Purpose: to educate students on and improve situations for human rights, animal welfare, and environmental preservation and conservation.

Intercultural Student Association

Contact: Zhaoyu Ye
Advisor: Cortney Carlson
Purpose: to create a base for the unity of present international students, to increase the awareness of community with respect to the international students, and to be a liaison between incoming new international students and the community.

Korouva Milkbar

Contact: Ben Galindo
Advisor: Derek Timourian
Purpose: to provide beverages and a social space to students, faculty, and staff and valuable business experience to volunteers.

Latinos Unidos

Contact: Nereida Zarco
Advisor: Katy Ross
Purpose: to provide an understanding of Hispanic culture and to serve as a means for intercultural exchange.

Meditation Club

Contact: Sam McCready
Advisor: Katy Ross
Purpose: to provide an area of gathering for anyone who wants to relax and de-stress through the practice of meditation.

Operation Achievement

Advisor: Jeanette Montalvo
Purpose: Operation Achievement is an outreach program to Georgetown Middle Schools.  It is a voluntary-based mentor program where the children come for 2 hours & O.A. provides an enrichment and tutor time.

Physics Club

Contact: Eric Oden
Advisor: Steven Alexander
Purpose: to foster wide student interest and participation in the field of physics and engineering.

Pirates for Pride

Contact: Chelsea Allen
Advisor: Jamar Keaton
Purpose: to promote education, communication, and understanding among all sexual orientations in order to unify the Southwestern community. We seek to provide a safe space for discussion of GLBTQ/sexual orientation issues, both personal and political.

Pre-Dental Organization

Contact: Joshua Mann
Advisor: Michael Gesinski
Purpose: to guide students through the process of getting in to dental school, DAT requirements, various fields of dentistry, and opportunities for dental experience.

Psychology Club

Contact: Jenna Griffis
Advisor: Fay Guarraci
Purpose: To spark and spread interest in psychology across the campus; to provide psychology oriented activities and discussion to students interested in psychology; to provide stimulation for research ideas and to promote thought, discourse and awareness of the many fields of psychology.

Robotics Club

Contact: Amir Hessabi
Advisor: Steven Alexander
Purpose: to foster a wide student interest and participation in activities by providing leadership, programs, and service, and to assist the student in developing skills and experience in the world of robotics.

Sailors and Sirens

Contact: Julia McDonald
Advisor: Kenny Shephard
Purpose: to bring enthusiasm and engagement to the Southwestern community through acapella music.

She’s the First

Contact: Brenna Conway
Advisor: Desi Roybal
Purpose: to promote awareness about complex global issues related to poverty, and the role education plays in alleviating poverty.

Southwestern Community Garden

Contact: Sam Guess
Advisor: Megan Danner
Purpose: to foster community through sustainable food cultivation

Southwestern Economics Club

Contact: Egan Cornachione
Advisor: Dirk Early
Purpose: to encourage close and open relationships between economic students, mentoring with faculty, and to promote the application of knowledge learned inside the classroom.

Southwestern Mock Trial Team

Contact: Dakota McDurham
Advisor: Davi Thornton
Purpose: to bring students together in an organization that challenges and develops public speaking, debating, critical thinking, and acting skills; educates students on the inner-workings of the legal system; and allows students, professors and alumni to work together to achieve a common goal.

Southwestern University Philosophy Society

Contact: Kenneth Knowlton
Advisor: Michael Bray
Purpose: to provide an environment in which all students of Southwestern University may participate in formal philosophical discussion.

Southwestern University Veterans Association

Contact: Jacob White
Advisor: Arun Jacob
Purpose: to provide support and awareness to transitioning veterans and military dependents.

Student Foundation

Contact: Taylor Vickers
Advisor: Megan Frisque
Web Site: link
Purpose: to facilitate relationships among faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and the Georgetown community.

Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

Contact: Hansol Haldeman
Advisor: Kelli Becerra
Purpose: to promote student health and enlighten students on relevant health topics through health education, activities, and improvements on campus.

Student Philanthropy Council

Contact: Monica Miller
Advisor: Becky Rodriguez
Purpose: to raise awareness among Southwestern University students about the importance of giving the the University.


Contact: Amanda Blanchard
Advisor: Laura Hobgood-Oster
Purpose: to pursue and promote more environmentally sound actions at SU and to facilitate awareness at SU.

SU Animal Alliance

Contact: Alexandria Shipman
Advisor: Laura Hobgood-Oster & Shannon Mariotti
Purpose: to provide a place for animal advocates and enthusiasts, to foster and interest in animal welfare among its members and the community, and to support animals through volunteering and activism.

Su Film Club

Contact: Walter Klumpp
Advisor: Eileen Cleere
Purpose: to foster a student interest in film and helping students develop a better understanding of film narrative and the world at large.

SU Habitat for Humanity

Advisor: Jason Chapman
Purpose: to facilitate opportunities which encourages the SU community to become involved with Habitat for Humanity of Williamson County.

SU Native

Contact: Patrick Garza
Advisor: Ben Nava
Purpose: to raise awareness of Native American and indigenous teachings, values, and cultures to build a connection between the SU community and native issues in the Georgetown area.

SU Planned Piratehood

Contact: Katherine Protil
Advisor: Alison Kafer
Purpose: to promote an understanding of reproductive justice on campus, which includes economic justice, the environment, immigrants’ rights, disability rights, discrimination based on race and sexual orientation, and a host of other community centered concerns.  We also provide resources on these subjects.


Contact: Madison McKee
Advisor: Laurie Avery
Purpose: to foster ongoing relationships between Southwestern University, local and national organizations and businesses, and the local community.


Contact: Sara Hall
Advisor: Stephen Marble
Purpose: to promote and interest in teaching and learning.

Theatre for Social Justice

Advisor: Kathleen Juhl
Purpose: to promote social justice through the medium of the stage.

Transfer & Nontraditional Student Society

Contact: Averi Segrest
Advisor: Bertha Faudoa
Purpose: to provide and fulfill a sense of community to transfer and nontraditional students attending Southwestern University.

U Can 2

Contact: Beulah Agyemang-Barimah
Advisor: Alisa Gaunder
Purpose: to foster leadership and philanthropy among first-generation and supportive students at Southwestern University by providing academic assistance and pre-college workshops.


Contact: Hannah Steen
Advisor: Jason Chapman
Purpose: to sponsor entertainment activities for the entire SU community.