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[3/15/09] After two grueling down to the wire, leave it all on the field games in the previous two days, the short handed Bucs were out to play their toughest opponent of the three if you go by the numbers (Elon is ranked in the top 5 in the nation), when they were the least fresh.

Both teams started out sluggish, but managed to find the back of the net, in a chaotic 1st quarter, with The Bucs trailing at the end of the first quarter 4-3. That was it. The Bucs were done. EVERYONE was both mentally and physically exhausted. Legs would not slide, clears were non existent, rides were also, and much of the rest of the game was played in transition on both sides as the Bucs simply did not have enough gas to get up and down the field.

Credit must be given to an excellent Elon team for taking advantage of the game and tempo and capitalizing on the multiple mistakes made by the Bucs, including 4 goals on failed clears right in front of our own crease. While Elon was not spectacular, although a couple of goals were highlights, they were a very focused and controlled team, dictating how and whn they wanted things to happen on both sides of the field, effectively neutralizing the Bucs. As halftime ended the Bucs were down 7-3, and simply came out flat as a pancake.

Elon continued to out-hustle the Bucs, and when the Bucs did have the ball, very seldom did they hold on to it for very long with errant passes, ill advised shots against the best goalie the Bucs have seen all year, and simply not thinking on the field when it counted.

As the final couple of minutes ticked off the clock, the Bucs fell 14-4. With fresh legs, the game might have been different. However, the trip, despite two losses, proved the Bucs could play with some of the best teams in the nation. Our hope is that will only continue to be true as the post season approaches, and numerous back to back games face the Bucs after Spring Break.

With such a small roster, the Bucs will have to be able to pull out the wins in close games, especially when they are tired in order to accomplish what they want to this last season.

Thanks to Coach Cummings and SCAD and Elon for allowing us to play them. They were very classy teams and represented the SELC quite well. The long trip home was much quieter with so many that were exhausted.

After Spring Break, the Bucs hit the heart of their Conference schedule, with hopes of making the LSA playoffs one final time. Stay tuned.

- Bill Bowman