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[3/13/09] Back in September, the team sat down to discuss their trips for the upcoming season. With a requirement of OOC games in order to be eligible for post season play, it was imperative that the Bucs make a trip somewhere. The decision was unanimous. The Bucs had NEVER played a team from the SELC. It was, in fact the only conference the Bucs had never strapped on the pads against in its history of the MCLA.

for that reason, and for the reason that the SELC has multiple teams that are nationally ranked and play a very good level of lacrosse, the Bucs decided to maximize their OOC games with a trip to Savannah, GA. to play three nationally ranked teams in SCAD, Tenn. Weslyan, and Elon, all in the top ten in the nation at one point or other this season, and two still in the top ten.

The Bucs were hosted to a great weekend by Coach Cummings and his SCAD team. The hospitality was wonderful, and the lacrosse, for the most part was great.

The Bucs started their Spring Break trip early, gathering at noon on Thursday for the long bus ride to GA/SC. After a wet and cold and long bus ride, the Bucs arrived in time to get something to eat, then head out to the fields for an early afternoon walk through to stretch their legs for a bit before heading back for the first of three games in three days.

The Bucs arrived for the game that night ready to play against a very good SCAD team under the lights and with the sand gnats biting anything they could. The game did not start off well, as the opening face off turned into a fast break for SCAD and 8 seconds into the game, the Bucs were down a goal. SCAD struck again to take a 2-0 lead before the Bucs woke up and realized they were there to play some lacrosse.

Over the next 30+ minutes, the Bucs methodically controlled the tempo, and were able to capitalize on just about every opportunity that was given, including a few man -ups to take an 8-2 lead at one point, before SCAD roared back in the fourth to get within one at 8-7. Any chance that SCAD had of stealing this game away, however, was thwarted when an unsettled situation led to a fast break goal by Carney on crease with a little over a minute to play in the game. The goal sealed the deal, and the Bucs were able to beat, quite possibly one of the best teams they had played all year.

The Bucs knew they had to get some rest, however, as the following day, they were going to face off against up and coming Tenn. Weslyan in yet another game that would determine how good the Bucs were. TWC had already had some impressive wins and close losses against some of the best teams in the nation, and had already beaten SCAD earlier in the season.

- Bill Bowman