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[3/7/09] For years Southwestern has played the Bobcats, an LSA D1 top tier program, and has done it very well. Not this year, and not this time.

The Bucs were hoping to use this game as a springboard for their GA trip over Spring Break in which they will play 3 nationally ranked opponents in 3 consecutive days. The game tunred out to be anything but. The team has had its full complement of defenders only once this entire season. On this day, coupled with a week of practice that left many with their noses in the books for mid terms and off the field, the Bucs, simply put, were not as good as they have played so far this season. Texas State, however, was very good and every bit deserving of all the accolades they have coming to them. Coach Park and his assistants have the Bobcats playing great lacrosse and they should do well this year when all is said and done.

Only thirty minutes before the game, the Bucs had to place a new defender in the game as a starter as another defender failed to show without any warning. When you add that we miss Irish at attack, it was a recipe that would lead to a solid #$% kicking all the way around. It was not that the Bucs did not play with heart or hard. They simply looked lost out there on both sides of the field. Open shots in front of the goal were missed completely or placed in the goalies chest, bad decisions were made on the field in transition and on both sides of the field, and most importantly, the Bucs refused to manage the game in a way that would have given them a chance to do what they have done every other game they have played Texas State the past few years, i.e. be competitive through all four quarters with a chance to win.

The Bucs won almost every single face-off of the game, however, were not able to control the ball on offense. A perfect opportunity to control pace and tempo was repeatedly thrown away, literally and figuratively over and over.

After much shuffling, however, the Bucs now know who they are as a team, i.e. who will always be there, and most importantly who they can count on. That is something to build on, and we will do exactly that.

These are all things the Bucs will have to correct as they venture to the Southeast for Spring Break. They only have a short time to do so. I am confident they will rise to the challenge. After all that is their trademark. It is indeed who they are. The core is there. The will is there, and most importantly the love of the game and the guys on the team is there.

It has been a pleasure playing Texas State/ Southwest Texas State over the years. Both teams have mirrored each other in many ways. While Texas State has made the jump to the upper division and rightly so, Southwestern has stayed true to its roots of Division 2. Both teams have evolved and become very successful in their own right since the early 2000's, and the evolution has been fun to watch on the field. We wish Texas State the best as they continue on after this year. Our annual game will be one of the many things I will miss about the change to Varsity for Southwestern.

Until next time, we all better have Georgia on our minds!

- Bill Bowman