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[2/12/09] On Thursday night, the Bucs made the short trip to Austin to take on the #23 Texas Longhorns in the nation in Division 1. This was the first game of the season for Texas and the third for the Bucs.

For almost the entire first half, the Bucs were able to play possession ball, and hang with the Longhorns, with a score of 1-0 at the end of one and 3-1 deficit at the half. The Bucs only goal in the first half came from Connor who placed an excellent shot past the goalie to tie the game until just a few minutes before half, when the Longhorns were able to get seperation and score twice more.

By the beginning of the third quarter, the Longhorns began to run the Bucs into the ground. With only 19 suited up, and the game spending more of its time in the transition part of the field, the Bucs found themselves fighting an uphill battle, as multiple failed clears and too many offensive opportunities led to some easy goals for the Longhorns.

The ball spent much of its time on the Bucs defensive end in the third and the score showed as Texas was able to go on a 5 goal run in the third before Webb notched his only goal of the night. The Buc offense, frustrated, lost its composure and offensive opportunities were short, and few and far between. The bucs were able to find the back of the net on a man up with under a minute left in the game off a rocket shot by Thompson.

The defense played great all night, but the depth of Texas wore the Bucs down. The offense did show some composure, but still showed that there is work to be done, by not recognizing its roll as the game progressed. McDonough made multiple point blank saves and the defense was able to force quite a few errant passes by the Longhorns in their first game of the season.

This was a game the Bucs were able to gain some valuable experience from against a classy and deep Longhorn team. While the scoreboard showed the loss, this was a game that will undoubtedly provide the Bucs with things to work on and also give them confidence to play with some of the best in the nation in Div. 2, starting with OOC opponent Missouri State on Sunday.

This game will be a crucial early test for both teams, and will set the tone for the Bucs as they start conference play the following week against one if its biggest rivals in conference in St. Ed's.

- Bill Bowman