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[5/2/08] Southwestern arrive in the parking lot at SU early Friday morning to make the trip to Texas Stadium for a first round match up in the playoffs against fellow LSA D2 opponent UTA.

The Bucs arrived at Texas Stadium and were immediately ushered into the locker room of none other than the Dallas Cowboys. Not realizing we were going to actually be in the official Cowboys locker room, everyone was awestruck for a few. Once the initial excitement of the locker room wore off (we hardly ever even have a locker room in the first place), the guys made the trek down the tunnel to the field to watch the first Semi final between AC and St. Ed's for a while before heading back into the locker room to get ready.

As the Bucs left the tunnel for the field we were all reminded of a couple of things. First, how great it was to be playing in the playoffs once again and at such an amazing venue. We were also reminded how hard we all have to work both on and off the field to get to that point, as our leading defender, a senior, was stuck in the locker room frantically finishing a Senior Capstone paper before a deadline. As such for the first time in 4 years, he did not start, but he did get his paper in on time and was out by the end of the first quarter. Good job Cole.

As the game started, the Bucs wasted no time taking charge, really distributing the ball well. Everything seemed to work for the Bucs all day long. Webb broke the all time single season scoring record and Irish broke the all time single season assist record in the game. The Bucs were up 11-1 at the end of the first and 18-2 at the half. All players were able to get significant playing time and some of the starters were able to rest of the Finals the next day. The guys were very focused and most importantly had a lot of fun on the field at the venue.

Quite a few fans and family were on hand. After the game, the Bucs stayed around to watch part of the first D1 Semi final before heading back to the hotel to eat and get some much needed rest.

- Bill Bowman