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[4/20/08] Southwestern hosted the Trinity Tigers on Sunday in what would be the last home game ever for Cole, Jake, Lockwood, JMO, Lane, and Bryson. The game, originally scheduled for the weekend before, was rescheduled due to a conflict Trinity had.

The Bucs came out knowing that the #1 seed in the playoffs was on the line and that their unblemished 22-0 record over the past 4 years was on the line in conference games.

Southwestern wasted no time taking charge of the game, scoring quickly with 8 in the first quarter and a 10-1 lead at halftime because McDonough decided to come out of the crease in front of the goal and in the ensuing unsettled situation a goal was scored on a predominantly empty net. I guess Fletch's chicken legs aren't quite big enough.

The Bucs controlled possession most of the game and only lost a handful off face-offs, which ultimately led to many of the SU goals via face-offs. Out of the 21 goals, 15 were assisted and every Buc on offense had solid shot attempts with the movement of the ball.

Lane, who has not played a game since 2007 was able to step on the field for his first action and play almost three quarters. While he had moments of rust, Lane played an exceptional game and we are very glad to have him back for the playoff run. Tomasz also saw quite a bit of time at D, including recording of a save as once again our goalie decided to leave his home. This time David stepped in and took one for the team. His play throughout the day was very solid as well.

All the short sticks moved the ball well and played very smart on the field, giving the fans a lot to cheer about. Heath, Mock, and Chase all dominated their face-offs and created too many fast breaks to count. Heath played an exceptional game al the way through, controlling the midfield. The attack did a great job of riding the Trinity defenders and caused multiple turnovers.

JMO was sent in with a mission in the second half, as the only short stick without a goal on the year. While he and the rest of the team tried, shot after shot seemed to sail wide or high, or anywhere BUT the goal. "thirty six square feet" JMO. We'll work on it this next week!!

The game was a tune up for the LSA Championships at Texas Stadium next weekend. The Bucs find out who they are playing after this weekend, but know they will be playing at 3 p.m. on Friday, May 2nd, and encourage everyone to show up and support the Bucs.

From here on out, the Bucs are well aware their season could end at any time. From now on, they must win to keep playing.

We appreciate the great fan support from parents and family and friends and the SU community this year. We hope you will continue to follow us as we head into the LSA Championships, and hopefully a chance to go to Nationals for the fourth straight year.

We appreciate Heather, our trainer, as well as Jason, our loving boss, who is leaving us for greener pastures at the end of this month. We could not have done what we did without the support of everyone.

Next stop is Texas Stadium.

- Bill Bowman