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[2/16/08] It was a cold and rainy day as the Bucs donned their new black jerseys for the first time at home. Their opponent, not just Sam Houston State University but themselves, as they struggled to find a balance, identity and honestly, some warmth amidst the weather.

The Bearkats have been playing lacrosse for over 20 years. However, this was the first year they have been back on the field in the past several seasons. With only 11 guys traveling, they showed great determination, and a never quit attitude. We are fortunate to have a team like SHSU in the league, and only expect them to continue to gain prominence in the LSA with each game they play.

The Bucs gave Walker, not only the key to the net in his first start ever, but also the game ball for being one of the many unsung heroes we have on the team...that you must have on any team to be successful. Walker played great the entire game, only allowing three goals in the 25-3 win.

The Bucs came out and had many breakout performances, some by players you wouldn't normally expect. In an effort to give everyone considerable playing time, the bucs played the starting attack for a quarter and a half, and then shuffled in Dreamcrusher McDonough, Cole and Rainbow Carney at attack, along with Orr and a few others.

What may have been most impressive out of the entire day, however, was seeing Bryson run down the field as a middie as fast as he could. It was faster than I have ever seen him move. You could almost say he was creating a fast break...until one of the SHSU guys passed him up.

Several players had exceptional games, including Chase, who really is starting to find his groove on the field, and Mock, who scored his first two goals of his career. We expect him to continue to shine as he gains more confidence and valuable experience.

Not to be left out, Cole who may be as good with a short stick as he is with the long pole, scored a goal for Heath, who was sitting in a hospital recovering from an emergency surgery two days before. Hopefully Heath will be back by Spring Break, as we sorely miss his leadership and athletic ability on the field. Cole wanted to make sure he scored a goal for Heath. Mission accomplished.

Not to be outdone was McDonough, who somehow ended up with a lump the size of a golf ball on his forehead after the game. McDonough got his dream of playing attack for almost 2 and a half quarters. In that time he managed to show a few flashes of brilliance, and a few signs of mediocrity at best. In an effort to get McDonough on the board, the team provided him with opportunity after opportunity to place one in the back of the net. Finally after after multiple attempts, he came through and was able to finish. Everyone reminded him after all the dropped passes that playing their position is not quite as easy as it looked. He reminded them that they could don the goalie gear any time they wanted, and he would be happy to take shots on them.

Carney, Titus, Orr, and Lockwood all scored as well, including a perfect top corner shot from Lockwood off a feed from Webb that might have been one of the prettiest goals of the day, if it hadn't been for the SHSU goal that did the same off the unsettled situation in front of the goal.

Jake tried to get on the board several times, but no one could seem to catch his passes for assists (McDonough), and Marsh came in and also played very well as did Tomasz.

All the attack is starting to work really well together, and when they were in were able to control the game. Bryson was able to reach a Southwestern milestone that only 12 other men have ever done at Southwestern. He notched his 100th point of his career in the game. Webb, should be following in his big footsteps very soon. Irish continues to expand his game and find a groove with the other two attackmen and his performance was an indication things are only going to get better.

Finally, the report cannot be complete without a mention of "old maid", "runs with long stick" Fletch. Somehow the star of the Austrian National team managed to sneak on the field without coaches knowledge with a short stick, and after falling flat on his face off a face off, ran down to the offensive side and took a high feed that caused him to jump higher than I have ever seen, to catch and place a shot in the goal in one quick shot. Fletch assures me this can be a common practice, but I just don't see him jumping that high ever again. That is why he has the long pole.

Overall it was a game that both teams played very hard until the end, and that the Bucs gained some valuable experience in all facets of the game, including face-offs, which Ben did a great job of along with Chase and Mock. Ben was able to score twice, one was called back, the other one must have been because of the stick he was using ; - )

The Bucs have a tough 8 days coming up with three very tough opponents, starting off with the Tech Red Raiders on Saturday, then followed by a visit from the number one team in the country, in Westminster from Utah on Tuesday night. Finally, the Bucs will host SFA, a team that has always been one of the most aggressive and balanced teams in the LSA. It is great to have them back and is going to be a good conference game.

We appreciate all the family and friends that were able to attend on Family Weekend, although it did seem like many were watching in the warmth of their vehicles, and who could blame them.

- Bill Bowman