Much anticipated game not so big


As the season has unfolded before our eyes, Southwestern has seen many things happen that it had control over (two overtime wins) and many things it did not. As the season stands, there are still a few games left that will serve as measuring sticks to the progress the team has made all year long.

Southwestern was eagerly looking forward to playing UH, a first year team in the LSA as all year they have been very impressive in the Eastern Conference and against Div. A teams. SU was hoping the first seed in the East, and a possible first round opponent if SU is able to make the playoffs, would be a close game.

Unfortunately the game was not what was expected, for both teams. SU came out and controlled the game from the beginning, and never let UH get any closer than 7 goals.

Much credit must be given to UH as they travelled to play with only ten guys, and without a few of their key players. Their goalie is one of the best in the league, and possibly one of the best in either conference. His play showed why UH has been able to keep opposing teams to under 9 goals all year long.

SU had several point blank shots that could have really opened the flood gates, that the goalie stopped cold.

SU did play well. When a team is that good, even with limited numbers, you can be competitive, as SU has proved in the past. The guys took control from the beginning, and were able to run UH and no subs into the ground early. Clears again worked well as did face-offs from both Bier and Stein.

Scoring was well spread out with five players scoring in the game. One thing SU has been able to develop is a team that does not have one dominant player, but many offensive threats.

The win gave SU a solid victory, with the hopes that we can meet UH in the playoffs and both teams at full strength to see how it might turn out.

Jeffocat returned from an injury to solidify the first line for the first time in a couple of games, and Om Panchal stepped up to the second line and played very well the entire game.

The defense again was a strength for SU, and Winters got extended playing time and continued to impress. Ehrlich at goalie played a solid game as UH was relegated to outside shots most of the game.

Other players that did well included all attack men, Jay Gupta and Wilson who received his first significant action at D for the season.

SU wishes UH a strong finish in their season and a positive experience in the playoffs, unless they of course, play SU.

SU stays at home next weekend to host SHSU. SHSU deserves a lot of credit for battling through injuries, small numbers, etc. and still fielding a team. SU will keep a watchful eye on the match-up between UTA and St. Ed's next weekend as it will clear the playoff picture up in the West. Go UTA!

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