SU Loses to tough game to UNT


On Saturday, the men hosted UNT after the snow melted away and the ladies played in their season opener. UNT has vastly improved each year it has been in the league. While SU with its inexperience, dropped down to the newly formed Div. B this year, UNT, rightly so, stayed to compete in the Division A of LSA.

From the outset, UNT outclassed SU. Great ball handling, excellent clears, and minimal mistakes allowed UNT to start out with a quick 3-0 lead and to never look back.

In fact, much of the first half, SU played like a new team in the league, making mental mistake after mental mistake. Over half of the 24 goals scored by UNT were off of botched clears or simple fast breaks. Two of the UNT players accounted for 17 of their points.

SU, on the other hand, refused to settle the ball down on the offensive end, failed to get more than one successful clear, and was continuously beat in transition the entire game, leading to the final score of a 24-9 loss to the Screaming Eagles.

There were some very bright spots in the game for SU, despite its poor overall showing. Goalie, Daniel Ehrlich easily played his best game of the year, the last quarter with a fractured finger. On several occasions he made point blank shots he had no business making or the game could have easily been in the 30's.

Matt Biermacher, quickly becoming one of the go to leaders on the team , and looking to fill in for Stein once he leaves to graduation at face-offs, lost only three the entire game.

Due to an injury to Jeffcoat, Matthew Helm played much of the day with the first line and filled in admirably for only being out two weeks.

Credit should be given to UNT, with several players that have been together for many years now, their offense was smooth, unforced, and the whole team was able to capitalize on SU's shortcomings.

SU had hoped to give UNT a better game, but the offense simply hasn't matured to the point where ball control and passing to set up players is looked upon as a first option over one on one's yet.

The fourth quarter did see SU play much better offensively, getting many opportunities off set plays. hopefully the team can build on the momentum to end the game as we head into the next conference game, a must win, against UT-D at home in two weeks.

Caldwell once again was the leading scorer with 4 goals and one assist, followed by Biermacher with 3 goals, Stein with one, and Jesse with one opportunistic goal before half-time.

One of the best plays of the game came at the end of the third quarter when, with time running out, Caldwell slipped past a player and scored as the quarter ended. SU had the same opportunity to capitalize at the end of the first half, but refused to take a shot as time expired. These mental mistakes are what separates SU from teams like UNT, where the team has been together and has multiple players with years of experience.

We appreciate all the fans who came out and hope you will see us against conference foe UT-D in two weeks.

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