SU Plays Tough in Final Home Game of Season

After their great win on Saturday, all twelve players showed up knowing that a very good and talented Baylor team was coming to play, despite daylight savings time having occurred. Baylor has played very well this year, barely losing to Texas, and traveling out of state to find other competitive competition in USLIA.

SU only hoped to keep the game close, and to play with the intensity and control it had the day before. They did. At the end of the first quarter Baylor was up 4-2. In fact, SU kept the game close until right before half when Baylor made the score 8-4 after scoring three goals in a matter of seconds.

The second half saw Baylor jump out to a 15-5 lead, but SU played hard through the end, finally falling 17-8. Harrison and Pete scored their last goals of their SU careers, and Caldwell also continued his scoring spree for SU. The hat trick, however, went to Freshman newcomer Frank Makal, with three goals. Granted they were not the prettiest to look at, but they count the same and his work in getting them shows a lot of promise for the coming season. In fact, one was from an assist from freshman middie David Winters right in front of the crease.

The team played well almost the entire game, making only a few mistakes, and actually playing brilliant at times. The third quarter saw SU have more guys on the sideline than it has had all year due to four straight minutes of being down by two men. Baylor never scored. 

Baylor has always been very good in the transition game against SU, and has won most of its recent games because of the transition game. SU did a very good job of getting back on defense, and controlling the ball on offense to keep the game in a half field set up, and away from the running one that can deflate a team with only two subs.

Last year, SU lost some great seniors. This year, we will lose two more. Pete and Marc. But if the last part of the season is any indication, SU lacrosse is alive and well (very young), but very promising. Hopefully a good recruiting class will give SU the numbers it will need to be able to build on the game experience the freshman on the team have already gained.

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