SU loses tough game to SWT

In the history of the SU/SWT competition (dating back to the early 90's), SU had only fallen once to the Bobcats. In 2000, SWT beat SU in San Marcos 14-13 in the last few seconds of the game. Recent history has also shown that over the past few years SWT has become much better at playing "team" lacrosse, and their move to the upper league this season was no surprise. 

A large roster, a Rugby game on the other field, and cloudy skies are what SU had to deal with as it traveled down to San Marcos to play the Bobcats on one of the nicest fields in the league. With 12 on the travel roster, SU started the game in an all to familiar fashion, slow on their feet, and asleep at the wheel. Before we knew it, SWT had jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first quarter, in large part due to SU's inability or unwillingness to communicate defensively and call and execute basic defensive slides. Of the first six goals, SWT scored four by simply getting past the first SU defender, and having a one on one look at Ehrlich in goal.

SU finally woke up before the first quarter finished when Banzhaf put SU on the scoreboard. Unfortunately, SU was simply out hustled for most of the game, and at the end of the first half it showed, as SU went into half down 12-4. 

A disgusting taste in the mouth by all of the team, a couple of words from coach, and the realization that if we were going to show up to play a game, we might as well actually play it, led to an amazing second half. By the end of the game SU had turned things around. Not to take anything away from SWT, but all felt they had played a game they could be proud of.

It started when a SWT player was called for warding shortly after the second half started. He promptly proceeded to throw the ball down on the ground and received a one-minute non-releasable penalty. Not happy with that, he and the refs had words which led to another three minutes of non-releasable penalties for a total of 4.

The first two minutes went by without SU being able to even spend the time on their offensive end of the field. But a turnover and quick shot by Harrison, led to the first goal of the second half. From their Stein, who has become an exceptional face-off man, won all face-offs and SU notched four more to make the score 12-9 by the time the penalty time ran out. 

The only problem, was that SU expended a great amount of energy to get back in the game, only to realize there was still over 10 minutes left in the third quarter. SWT stabilized and proceeded to separate themselves once again, punching the lead back up to 17-10 by the time the third quarter ended. 

SU really never got that close to SWT again, but if not for the first few minutes of the game, the game might have been much different as SU continually got ground balls, and capitalized on countless man-up goals. Over half of SU's goals came on man-up situations. 

SU never quit. With only thirty seconds left and SU down by 7, they took a time out and set up a play. Within three seconds out of the time out, Caldwell slipped past his defender and notched his fourth goal of the day. Harrison added 3, Banzhaf 3, Gainey another 3 and Biermacher and Stein both added one.

All players had a much better second half, and left for the Easter Break with a solid foundation to build on as they host their last two home games of the season on the 6th and 7th of April against UTA and Baylor.

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