Southwestern wins big in front of family and friends!

FEB 24, 2001 - The Bucs hosted up and coming SWT on Saturday of Parent's Weekend in front of our largest crowd of the year. The stands, packed with family, friends, and professors helped cheer the team on to a 15 - 5 defeat of SWT.

SWT beat the Bucs in San Marcos last year for the first time ever by a score of 14 - 13. It was a game that decimated the team and set the tone for the rest of the season. It was one the returners were anxious to get to on the schedule this year. SWT is an up and coming program, hoping to make the leap into the USLIA next year. They are considered one of the favorites to win the Lower division championship this year.

When the game started they looked like they were going to continue their newfound winning ways as they jumped out to a quick 2 - 0 lead. With only 18 guys on the roster, the Bucs are one of the smallest teams in the league. Injuries and sickness left four starters out of the SWT game, and forced several players to step into roles they were not accustomed to.

Several game time decisions were made based on the personnel available. With only 14 guys available for the game, everyone had to contribute. And they all did. Freshman David Caldwell, a newcomer to the game of lacrosse, was asked to play attack five minutes before the game started. After receiving a quick lesson on the position, he started the scoring for the Bucs with a great catch and shot on the crease. Sr. Andrew "mags" Magnuson scored shortly after with a great move to his left and a "quick" left handed shot that dribbled by the goalie to tie the game.

Once it was tied, Southwestern never looked back. SWT kept the game close through half-time at 6 - 3 and scoring first in the 3rd quarter to make it 6-4. SWT scored only once the rest of the game as Southwestern pulled away in the 3rd quarter.

John Jenkins left his starting position at attack to shore up our depleted defense, and newcomer Kent Sholars played an excellent game at long stick the entire day. Rookies Jim Andrews and David Caldwell played well in front of parents, both playing like veterans on the field and each scoring 2 goals. Zach Beaty, Pete Banzhaf, and Matt Siekielski each added a goal and controlled the tempo of the game.

Marc Harrisson hooked up with goalie Jason Grasty for two of his three goals of the day on our now infamous "missile" play. Grasty got his first two assists of the year. Harrison ended the day with a hat trick in both goals and assists and played an all around great game before leaving with a rib injury. Grasty played another game in which he was in complete control.

Sr. Jamin Welch scored several goals, including one as he was falling down to ignite the crowd. The game ball could have gone to any number of people: Jamin, Grasty, or Marc Harrison, but went two to guys whose contributions shined. Caldwell, as mentioned before stepped in to a new position and was able to play with poise and aggressiveness.

Eric Stein, who has vastly improved since his rookie season last year, did not score a goal or have an assist. Stein however, played the game it is supposed to be played, making many great defensive stops, out hustling everyone on the field, and providing our team with a source of energy when we needed it most. As one of our guys on the team stated, Stein played like he was possessed.

The team would like to thank all of the parents, family, staff members and friends who came out to watch the players give everything they had. SWT was a big win, bringing our record back up to 4-4. The support was definitely noticed.

Next week, the BUCS host UT-Arlington, a new team in the region. Following the game, the Bucs will get a well deserved rest for Spring Break before coming back for the final three game push against Rice, TCU, and perennial power, UT.

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