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[2/12/09] First off I'd just like to see how awesome it was to see a true team effort in defeating Baylor. From defense to offense, from the first-years on up to the very strong senior class, everyone worked as a team, despite the fact that they went up so fast. Keep it up...and now my memories of Hendrix.

On the drive to Conway, I remember narrowly avoiding a sliding ladder that was in the middle of the road; Stacy successfully swerved us out of the way. After that we were on to the Firehouse sub shop where nothing really exciting happened besides a good meal...sorry on to the game.

We were told that Hendrix was generating some local hype, the local radio station would be there and there would be some food and games. What we were not expecting was a huge carnival with what seemed like most of the town, waiting for us to show up.

It felt great to have an actual locker room. Hendrix ran a first class operation with a very nice turf field with that beautiful NCAA logo. It is something I will always remember. It was great for that one night to get a true taste of being a varsity player. For a lot of us having never having picked up a stick four years ago to be playing in a DIII college stadium was quite the achievement. For those of you lucky enough to be on the team next year, you will get this everywhere, but for myself and several other, this was the one and only.

They had a festival going on and kids were everywhere, running and screaming. We walked out of the locker room and went down to the field through the crowd. You could feel the excitement and anticipation of the main event to come. I remember warming up on the turf field and all of my bounce shots going too high (combination of excitement and the turf) having to chase the balls off the track into the large crowd. I remember that the coin toss was presided over by a state senator or representative and the mayor, this town was serious about lacrosse.

The game was a great one: our first goal was quick-stick man up-goal that some would call a "berg shot." For the rest of the game it was fairly even, fast-paced lacrosse, but by the end of the 3rd, they went up 3. We came within 2 and then had a goal from a crazy haired Webb with about a minute to go, but could get no closer. And that was it we lost by one, close but no cigar. 9-8 them. Afterwards were the fireworks that would rival many town's 4th of July. Despite the defeat, it was a great show.

I know I won't remember all of my games, but I know I won't ever forget lying on that artificial grass after the game with my teammates and watching those fireworks and thinking this is what its all about. Enjoy these moments fellas cause (for most of you cough Heath cough) you've only got 4 years. I miss it everyday guys, coaching is great, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't come close to being a BUC.

    Beat Hendrix for the school,
        for all the alums,
        for Bill,
        cause last year we came so close,
        But most importantly do it for each other, because you know you will this year.
        Y'all have a team that will turn heads this year and I can't wait to see how y'all end up.
Even the score so that next year when it counts...they'll know already we are for real.

Take care of those Mel Gibson Warriors (if you don't know, you will) and I'll see ya in Arlington boys,

- Robert Lockwood '04 -'08
aka Prez Berg