Greek Letters


Alpha:  Alpha is Greek for the beginning.  Not only is Alpha Delta Pi the first secret society for women, but it also began at the first college chartered to grant degrees to women, Wesleyan College for Women.  The Adelpheans, of the original Adelphean Society, become forerunners for the sorority system as well as played an important role in the advancement of education for the American female.   New ADP members that are undergoing the education process to become initiated into Alpha Delta Pi are called Alpha members.

Delta:  Delta represents change in geometry, and Alpha Delta Pi has been at the forefront of the sorority system that has helped to change and improve the lives of women throughout the nation for well over a century.  Our initiated collegiate members are referred to as Delta members, signifying the development of life skills that our members acquire during their collegiate years in Alpha Delta Pi.

Pi:  In geometry, Pi represents infinity.  Just as Alpha Delta Pi has been in existence since 1851, we anticipate continuing strong throughout time.  Our college graduate sisters are referred to as Pi members, signifying the unending sisterhood of Alpha Delta Pi.  In this way Alpha Delta Pi truly is “First. Finest. Forever.”

Open Motto

"We live for each other"

As members of Alpha Delta Pi, we believe that our open motto “expresses the true spirit of fraternity; and that by living this motto our lives will be enriched by true friendships and by unselfish service to mankind,” as stated in our Creed.

Official Colors

Azure blue and white are the official colors of Alpha Delta Pi.  Blue is symbolic of friendship, the basic spirit upon which Alpha Delta Pi is founded.  White symbolizes sincerity and truth.  Alpha Delta Pi seeks these qualities in all its members.


Coat of Arms

Elizabeth Moseley Coles, who was elected national President at the first Grand Convention, was responsible for having the coat of arms designed.  Agnes Chapman is given credit for the actual design of our coat of arms. 

Symbolism from our ritual and our Alpha pin were combined in the coat of arms, and the design originally had a background of violets.  In 1919, the Convention voted to make changes and the present design was accepted.


 The original badge worn by the Adelpheans in 1951 was a satin riband with ribbon streamers, featuring the name “Adelphean” on one end and a design of the clasped hands on the other end.  The first diamond-shaped badge was worn by the Adelpheans in 1852.  Stars were not included on this first diamond-shaped badge, but it did have a monogram of the Wesleyan pin attached to the badge by a link chain, thus forming a guard.
In 1854, the stars were added, but it was not until 1874 that the stars and the clasped hands were raised.  This design remained with only slight modifications until 1906 when, at Alpha Delta Pi's first Convention, Nanaline King presented a new design for the pin.  Her design was a smaller gold badge with a black enamel center which pictured the clasped hands, the two stars, and the Greek letters, Alpha Delta Phi.  This design was adopted by the Convention and is the same pin we have today, with Alpha Delta Phi being changed to Alpha Delta Pi at the 1913 Convention.


The Woodland Violet, which grew wild upon the hilltops where the first Adelpheans matriculated, is our official flower.  Due to its rarity we often use the African Violet in its place.


As a symbol of beauty and strength, the lion serves as the mascot of Alpha Delta Pi. Within each member, the lion sounds strong and strides confidently forward to pursue her goals.  Our mascot is nicknamed “Alphie.


Throughout centuries, diamonds have been a symbol of love, excellence and purification.  Because of its remarkable hardness and clarity, the diamond also still reigns supreme in its symbolism of power, strength, brilliance, and unparalleled beauty.  In Alpha Delta Pi, it serves as a symbol of the strength and value of friendships, and its four points represent the symmetry of a balanced life.