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 Studio Art and Sarofim Scholarship Application:

Prospective students who wish to apply for a Sarofim Scholarship and major in art may do so in one of two ways:

  1. Schedule a personal portfolio review of your original artworks (not digital photographs of art works) and an interview with the studio art faculty on (dates coming soon.)  These reviews are in connection with Pirate Preview events offered by the Admissions Office, which gives you an opportunity to learn about the program from the studio faculty and art students, take a tour of the art facilities, and participate in other events on campus (campus tours, class visitations, a luncheon, etc.).  Even with a personal portfolio review of original works, we would also like to receive all four portfolio requirements digitally.  See instructions below. 

  2. If you cannot come to campus, you may send in a digital portfolio without an on-campus interview; we will contact you by phone instead.

We prefer the first method, because we enjoy meeting

students in person!




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Portfolio Requirements for Prospective Studio Art Majors

  • A portfolio of 15 - 20 examples of your most recent work (please see below for more information.)

  • A letter of interest with a brief statement about: why you want to be an artist, a description of the artist or artworks you admire, and your academic and artistic goals (approx. one page);

  • If applicable, documentation of your College Board Advanced Placement score in Studio Art; and

  • A completed Sarofim Scholarship in Studio Art application (sent to you when you sign up)



All art portfolio applications should include 15-20 examples of your best, most recent work for review.  When possible, include both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work in any medium and a minimum of five drawings.  The department prefers seeing drawings from direct observation of actual forms rather than drawings from photographs.


1) Sarofim Scholarship Portfolio Reviews with the faculty: For the personal portfolio reviews with the three studio faculty, bring 15-20 original art works when possible.  There are only two events per year to meet with the full studio faculty at once, so take advantage of this opportunity! If some work is too large or too fragile to bring, you may substitute digital photographs of that work. 


2) To Submit A Digital Portfolio: If you are applying without the on- campus review, please submit your digital portfolio that incorporates the requested four application requirements above as ONE PDF FILE. Send the completed pdf to Ms. Julie Hudson, Administrative Assistant to the Sarofim School of Fine Arts faculty, at with the subject line: art scholarship application.   


Digital images should be numbered and titled in the file name with a corresponding image list to include: your name, title of piece, medium, dimensions (height x length – and depth for 3-d forms) and the year of completion. Label information may be included below each image in place of an image list.

The aesthetic quality of the portfolio itself is important.  The purpose of image editing software, if applied, should be to represent your artworks accurately and with the least distraction.  Therefore, crop the background but not the image in all 2-D works.  For 3-D works use a plain background such as the blue sky or single color backdrop.

 Ceramics Students create bowls for the Empty Bowls OrganizationCeramics Students create bowls for the Empty Bowls Organization



Scholarship Information:

  • Sarofim Scholarships are renewable annually up to four years subject to annual review. If you participate in an off-campus domestic or international study program during which you are ineligible for Southwestern University financial aid, your scholarship is renewable for a total of eight semesters. 

  • This award is made with the requirements that you will major in studio art (B.A. or B.F.A. program), demonstrate a high level of motivation and interest in the visual arts, and make satisfactory progress toward completing the major as outlined in the course catalog. Evaluative criteria include: successful completion of at least one art course every semester (with the exception of enrollment in off-campus programs); satisfactory academic progress; and regular contributions to departmental activities (for example, attending most art lectures and demonstrations by visiting artists, art exhibition openings, and participating in student art events). Scholarship recipients must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in art classes and a 2.5 grade point average overall.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Candidates must apply for general admission to Southwestern University separately, and must have an active application to Southwestern University in order to be considered for a Sarofim Scholarship. Please note that admission to Southwestern must be granted in order to receive the scholarship. An individual student’s admission status may not be determined until after the final portfolio submission deadline. 


Recipients of Sarofim Scholarship in Studio Art may also be eligible for additional assistance such as academic scholarships. In addition, recipients may apply for University need-based aid. For more information, please click: FINANCIAL AIDMERIT SCHOLARSHIPS or call 1-800-252-3166.


Any financial aid offer from Southwestern University will be void as of May 1, 2017 if a student accepts financial aid from another college or university.




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For any questions regarding portfolio reviews please call Julie Hudson at 512-863-1548.