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Inauguration/Shilling Lecture Webcast

Southwestern University is proud to present the Inauguration Installation Ceremony and Shilling Lecture live via webcast. To ensure you are able to view these events on March 25, please follow these instructions.

Register for your CollegeTVTicket account

You must create a CollegeTVTicket account in order to view the Installation Ceremony and 2014 Shilling Lecture. Registration and viewing are free of charge for these events.

Install Silverlight

CollegeTVTicket uses the increased definition video player from Microsoft, powered by Silverlight, which is natively compatible with Safari and Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. It is designed to work with all newer generation Macs. Newer Macs using Safari will automatically use the native Quicktime player which makes installation of Silverlight unnecessary. Better safe than sorry, though: click here to install and confirm you have the most up-to-date version of Silverlight and you should be all set to view the webcast.

Testing your video

Before the event starts, please click on the Demo link to make sure your player is installed and set up correctly. If you are using an older Mac and it is not compatible with "Microsoft Silverlight" or is unable to play the Apple HLS video in Safari, you will not be able to watch the video on your computer. Safari on newer Macs should automatically play with no download or installation.

Log in March 25

If you login prior to the start time of either of these two events on March 25, you may receive a message to "try again" closer to the scheduled event start time. Don't worry, the webcast will not be available until just before the start of each event.

Webcast Links

March 25, 4pm

March 25, 7:30 pm