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Physical Plant Office

Warehouse Policy

Due to the limited space available to store items in the warehouse, the following policy was developed.


  • Maintain tight control over what goes into warehouse.
  • Store only items that are declared surplus and are approved for storage.
  • Keep warehouse in order.
  • Keep accurate and up to date inventory of items stored in warehouse.
  • Publish a list of furniture and equipment available for use.
  • Move furniture back into use at earliest opportunity.


Nothing will be accepted or stored in the warehouse, exceptions:

  • Printed material for the Admissions Office and University Publications, copy paper and letterhead for the Business Office.
  • Custodial Paper products.
  • Furniture and equipment declared surplus and approved for storage by the Associated VP for Facilities and Campus Services.
  • Carpet bench stock.


Nothing personal will be stored in the warehouse. Only items declared surplus by the department’s head would be stored in the warehouse, if approved by the Associate VP for Facilities and Campus Services. The department head will fill out a surplus equipment tag, before it is transported to the warehouse. The equipment will be accepted, by the Physical Plant’s Small Engine Mechanic, if the Surplus Equipment Form is attached. The Equipment will be stored in the stagging area below South stairs until the AVP for Facilities approves for storage, or other use. The Small Engine Mechanic will contact the AVP within two working days with information pertaining to the received surplus equipment. The AVP for Facilities will make determination as to disposition of equipment within two days after notification. Surplus equipment should not be in stagging area for more than one week.

No furniture or equipment will be moved into storage until it is tagged and logged in to warehouse inventory. (See Attached Forms)

In an effort to eliminate unnecessary moves notify the AVP of Facilities via e-mail before transporting furniture and large items to the warehouse. If another use is imminent the item will be taken directly to new assigned area.

The Small Engine mechanic is responsible for the warehouse and only items approved for storage will be allowed in the warehouse. An up-to date inventory of, items stored in the warehouse, will be kept by the Supervisor of Grounds. The Supervisor of Grounds will ensure the warehouse is kept in neat order.


  • Stored and available for use to other departments
  • Sold to other schools or organizations
  • Given to a selected charity
  • Recycled
  • Sold for scrap
  • Trashed

If a department needs to store furniture or equipment for future use and does not want to make available to other departments they must provide a budget account # and rent off site storage, until equipment is put back into service. The Department requiring storage off site is responsible for transfer of the equipment to the storage facility.