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Physical Plant Office

Fireplace Policy

Fireplace Gas Logs in McCombs Campus Center

Our goal is to establish a program for safe use of all fireplace gas logs in the McCombs Campus Center.

The “season” for use of the gas logs shall be October 1st through March 31st. At all other times the gas shall be cut off to the fireplace gas logs. During periods of extended vacancy (Christmas Holidays), the gas shall be shut off. Only designated and trained individuals shall light the fireplace gas logs. Abuses of the gas logs (introduction of flammables, combustibles, etc. and tampering) could result in curtailment of use. Office of Residential Life shall determine schedule for lighting and extinguishing the gas logs and assign the responsibility to one or all of the following:

Copies of the schedule should be given to Physical Plant by October 1st, Campus Police and Sodexho. A copy of the schedule should be place in the valveboxes in the snack bar. The schedule should reflect periods of extended vacancy and when Physical Plant should turn off gas.

Physical Plant shall be responsible for valving off the gas on the designated dates. Physical Plant shall establish a PM program, based on manufacturer’s recommendations. Students, faculty, staff and visitors should sit back and enjoy the ambiance. At no time should they light or adjust gas logs. Nothing foreign shall be placed on the gas logs or in the firebox.