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What Is Paideia? How Do I Apply?

Paideia is being transformed, and it’s now time to apply!

All students who entered SU in fall 2012, spring 2013, or fall 2013, and who aren’t graduating before spring 2015, are eligible to apply for the new program. This is an optional program; only students who apply and are selected will be able to participate in all of its components. However, this new version of Paideia will be required for all incoming students starting in Fall 2014.

What Is It?

In a nutshell, it’s a way to organize some of your courses around a central theme or question: it will enable you to make connections across different classes and departments or programs; to do more interdisciplinary writing, creating, and thinking; and to collaborate with other students, faculty, and staff interested in the same theme. There will be opportunities to connect civic engagement projects and/or intercultural learning experiences to the theme as well.

How Does It Work?

Students enrolled in the new Paideia program will take three interconnected courses followed by a team-taught interdisciplinary Paideia Seminar.

We’re kicking off the program with three themes, each one featuring a range of courses from across the curriculum: Mediterranean Mingling, Representing Gender, and Global Health. (See links for a description of each theme and a listing of course offerings.) Students choose at least three courses from within their theme to make up their Paideia Cluster. Cluster courses can also count toward other general education requirements (e.g., distribution requirements, SJ, IP, etc) and/or toward one’s major or minor.

The upper-level Paideia Seminars will be team-taught by two faculty members from different departments. You will need to complete at least two cluster courses before enrolling in the seminar, but the third cluster course may be taken concurrently with the seminar; the seminars are intended for juniors and seniors. These Paideia Seminars will be interdisciplinary spaces in which students and faculty will collaborate together in approaching the theme or question; students will also synthesize ideas from their cluster as a whole and reflect on the collective impact of the theme.

You may be introduced to study abroad opportunities that overlap with the cluster theme or do civic engagement work that links to the theme in one of your cluster courses. After two semesters in the program, all Paideia students are eligible to apply for need-based study abroad funds of up to $2,500 per student.

All students who complete the program will be recognized as “Paideia Scholars” at graduation.

How Do I Apply?

Before applying please take the time to review a description and course list for each of the Paideia Clusters by clicking on the information button of each Paideia Cluster.  Then complete the online application by clinking the link below.  Applications are due no later than Friday, October 11th; students will be notified by Tuesday, October 22nd. 


Interested? Want More Info?


Monday, September 23, 12:30pm, Enviro’l Studies Lounge, MBH 122

Tuesday, October 1, 4:00pm, Bishop’s Lounge

Tuesday, October 8, 7:30pm, Kurth’s lobby


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