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Paideia Connections

Paideia Connections: Engaging Scholarly Conversations
Thursday, October 16, 4 pm Olin 105, Southwestern University
*Reception to follow, Olin Lobby

The Paideia Connections lecture series at Southwestern University features short talks by two faculty members from diverse fields about their recent scholarly work. Following their talks, members of the campus community and the general public are encouraged to engage in thought-provoking discussions and invited to share connections they make between the presentations. "Paideia Connections" takes its name from Southwestern's Paideia curriculum, which encourages students and faculty members to make connections between various disciplines and disparate ideas. In collaboration with Southwestern's Brown Chairholders and University Scholars, President Edward Burger initiated the series in spring 2014, and serves as the event moderator.

Fay Guarraci
Breaking Bad or Breaking Good: Drugs of Abuse and Motivation

Motivation - what drives us to do what we want or to get what we need - is a topic that people find fascinating and sometimes mysterious. Drugs of abuse (like cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin) are known to hijack our natural motivational system, which evolved to guarantee that we find basic needs rewarding, such as our needs for food, water, and sex. My research has focused on investigating the intersection of motivation for natural rewards (like sex) with drug rewards (like methamphetamine). The intersection takes place predominantly in our brains and can be observed in our behaviors. By studying how drugs of abuse influence sexual motivation, we have been able to gain insight into how drugs affect behavior and how sexual motivation works, as well as continue to search for ways to treat drug addiction and sexual dysfunction. I have been studying drugs of abuse to help find answers to critical questions in some unlikely places.

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Kiyoshi Tamagawa
My Way or the Highway: "Authenticity" in Classical Music Performance

Authenticity has long been a loaded word in classical music performance, meaning different things to different people. My current performance and research endeavors approach the concept from multiple angles: 1) composing an original cadenza for an upcoming performance of a piano concerto by Mozart with the Austin Symphony; 2) examining the diverse performance history of a beloved choral work, Handel's Messiah; and 3) trying to explain the ambivalent attitude of early 19th and 20th century musicians toward earlier music, which among other things resulted in the ostensible rediscovery of so-called "Baroque" works which turned out to be musical forgeries.

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Preview this fall's Paideia Connections conversation with Fay Guarraci and Kiyoshi Tamagawa.


  • The F.W. Olin Building is located between the Lois Perkins Chapel and The Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Center for Lifelong Learning on the Roy H. Cullen Academic Mall at Southwestern University. Room 105 is located on the first floor of Olin and is accessible from entrances off the Academic Mall and J. N. R. Score Quadrangle.

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  • On March 24, 2014 Southwestern University launched a new lecture series titled “Paideia Connections.” This lecture featured Alison Kafer, associate professor of feminist studies, and Maria Todd, associate professor of biology.

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Paideia Connections is sponsored by the Brown Chairs, University Scholars, Office of the President, and Office of the Provost at Southwestern University.

For more information contact: Dr. Ben Pierce, Professor of Biology and holder of the Lillian Nelson Pratt Chair at 512-863-1974 or