Office of WEB

Timelines for work orders

We serve the entire Southwestern community; its departments, offices and members. With that in mind, we have specific timelines that a standard web or multimedia project should follow. Respecting these timelines will make it easier for us to accomodate your project and to ensure that you walk away with the best quality product. Please, plan well in advance if you need to request a project from us.

Creating new websites: Allow 6-8 weeks

Websites are an excellent way to share information about your department or office and can be easily maintained with our content management system, LiveWhale. John is the Master Web Creator and handles most of the website requests we get. Here’s an overview of how long website creation takes:

  • Week 1–Initial Consultation: Meet with John to discuss website needs, how many pages and desired deadlines for the projects
  • Week 2–Content Gathering: This week will be about gathering content necessary to your website. This may include photographs for galleries, copy or multimedia elements. Most likely you will be responsible for providing these elements. If you’d like us to produce the content for you, it will add more time to the project.
  • Week 3-4–Design: This is done internally. The pages will be constructed and elements added.
  • Week 5-6–Approvals: The drafts will be sent for approvals and changes will be made during this time.
  • Week 7-8–QA and Deployment: QA is the act of testing the website to make sure links are good and content is correct. LiveWhale Training may also be scheduled during this time.

Edits to existing websites: Allow 2-4 weeks

Though existing websites are not as difficult or time consuming as creating a website from scratch, the volume of requests our department gets prevents us from making edits immediately. Please, allow 2-4 weeks for us to implement those changes