Office of WEB

Server Response Issues

The Web Office is collecting data from users who experience periodic problems editing pages in LiveWhale. If you have problems editing pages, try the solutions listed below.

Slow Server Response (Whoops!)

White Whale believes there appears to be a bug impacting a particular PHP 5.2.x branch, but they've implemented some new code that should hopefully reduce the chances of triggering it. ITS is also investigating potential problems with our FTP server.

First, make sure you refresh the following url while logged in to LiveWhale:


  1. Log into the page to edit via the Editor Login
  2. once logged in, force a refresh of the page [shift-reload].
  3. Edit content as needed
  4. Save and Publish (the "whoops" error message appears)
  5. exit/quit out of Firefox entirely [not just close the window]
  6. start Firefox
  7. go to the page just edited [don't login into LiveWhale]
  8. force a refresh: new content should be present