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Page Editing Outside LiveWhale

In October 2008, Southwestern launched a new website and along with that came some changes to locations of where web site files are stored. If you are not editing your web site with LiveWhale, you need to use file transfer protocol (FTP) to get to and change your web site's files.

Documents that make up your web pages are not copied or moved in the same way as your other documents. If you are using a web page creation/editing program such as KompoZer or Dreamweaver, you can set the Publish settings to move your documents to your web page space. You can also use other programs called a "FTP client application" to move your files to your web space (just like dragging and dropping between folders on a windows or mac computer, just from your computer to the server, in this case). There are three great FREE applications to do this - Filezilla [Mac and PC], as well as Cyberduck and Fetch for the Mac.

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What is the FTP address to edit web site files for department or student organization?

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Transferring files to your web space with Cyberduck [Mac]

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