Office of WEB

Getting Started with LiveWhale

LiveWhale is the content management system (CMS) that serves up the Southwestern University Web site. LiveWhale gives our users the ability to edit their content directly from the web pages they manage, from any browser connected to the Internet. Its also a very simple application that manages our users’ digital properties, including images, files and forms.

LiveWhale Documentation & Support

LiveWhale was built by White Whale Web Services of Oakland, California. Their official LiveWhale Support site has tons of information for users and administrators alike, including basics, managing content, news, events, images, blurbs, forms, files, galleries, tags, and widgets.

LiveWhale Bug Tracker & Trouble Ticket System

If you have a general question about LiveWhale usage, please first visit the LiveWhale support site where a searchable support FAQ is available. If you need additional assistance, or have an issue to report, please open a local trouble ticket/support request. Our office will do our best to solve your issue. If we are unable to do so, the Web Office will submit an official support request to White Whale using their bug tracker.


The Web Office conducts regularly-scheduled and custom trainings for individuals or groups who use (or wish to use) LiveWhale for their web site’s content management. To request a training session for you or your office or academic department, please contact us.