Office of WEB

Photography & Video

The Web Office, along with the Office of Communications, is responsible for managing the University's official electronic assets, such as video and photography.

Southwestern University Photography

Photos taken for and used in official Southwestern University publications belong to the University, with rights secured for their use from the photographer by contract. In general, print reproduction by anyone other than the Communications Office requires that additional usage rights be secured. Web use is often OK, but a waiver must still be obtained prior to posting a photo for which you do not already have explicit rights.

Upon request, the Communications Office can provide you with access to our available photography via Portfolio. You can browse and download high-quality images of people, places, and events for use on your websites or printed pieces. Contact Eric Bumgardner for more information and access to Portfolio.

Southwestern University does not employ a full-time photographer. Upon request, however, we can document University events with our digital SLR camera. Contact the Web Office for more information.

Official Southwestern Flickr Group

In order to accommodate requests for general-use photography featuring Southwestern's architecture and events, we have created an official Southwestern University Flickr group. This site allow users to share their favorite photos of Southwestern with each other, and to use photos we have released to the public domain. The Communications Office also maintains a small collection of general-use images here. Our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.


The main responsibility for video at Southwestern lies with Audiovisual Services. They provide audiovisual equipment for delivery and loan, support of all audiovisual equipment on campus, video production assistance and duplication, event support, Library facility management, and copyright assistance.

The Web Office also creates video packages for marketing and news. We currently share our video properties on YouTube and Vimeo. If you have an idea for a video we can produce and share on the Southwestern web site, contact us.

Social Media

Social media are very powerful and can be great tools to use to raise visibility and awareness of your department, office, programming, organization, etc. They can also wither and die, and ultimately reflect poorly on your office/ department/ organization if not used properly. The associate director for new media, Danielle Stapleton, can help you sort through the current crop of social networking applications to help determine your best strategy for using social media. Visit the Social @ SU website or get in touch directly and go from there.