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Student Activities Leadership Library

The Student Activities Leadership Library is a collection of print and media resources available for Southwestern students, organization members and organization advisors. Items in the library can be checked-out for use for a specified amount of time or can be used while in the Student Activities office.

Do you know of titles that should be added to our collection? Let us know.

*DVDs Available

  • Avoid “Fall”ing Back: Transitioning Your Team
  • Better Meetings with Parliamentary Procedure
  • Energize Your Membership: Creating Active Members

* A Student Activities staff member can be available to present the DVD programs to your organization in a private Leadership Session. Contact Jason Chapman for details at x1874.

Books Available:

  • 29 Leadership Secrets from Jack Welch by Robert Slater
  • The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player: Becoming the kind of person every team wants by John C. Maxwell
  • A Kick in the Seat of the Pants by Roger von Oech
  • The Art of Supportive Leadership by J. Donald Walters
  • A Whack on the side of the Head by Roger von Oech
  • Civil Disobedience and Other essays by Henry David Thoreau
  • Dream, Dare, Learn, Lead by Dan Kaluzny
  • The Fifth Discipline by Peter M. Senge
  • Get Everyone in your boat rowing in the same direction by Bob Boylan
  • How to Manage Conflict by Peg Pickering
  • The Leadership Engine by Noel M. Tichy
  • Leadership for Dummies by Marshall Loeb
  • Leadership is an Art by Max DePree
  • Leadership in the Making: Impact and Insights from leadership development programs in U.S. Colleges and Universities by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Learning to Lead by Warren Bennis
  • Self- Reliance and Other Essays by Ralph W. Emerson
  • Sticking to It: The Art of Adherence by Lee J. Colan
  • Stretching Lessons by Sue Bender
  • The Wisdom of Teams by Jon R. Katzenbach

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