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Spiritual Life


Student religious organizations are student led and seek to meet the needs of a variety of students in our diverse student body.

The Chaplain is always ready to guide students of all faiths in establishing an organization for pursuit of their own spirituality.  We need to know from students when there is a group ready to get going!  If you are a student interested in organizing new groups or have additional ideas contact the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life at extension 1527.

A.M. Levy Jewish Student Organization (JSA)

Purpose: to foster Jewish identity at S.U. through fellowship, religious/cultural activities, and communication.

Contact JSA for meeting times and locations:  

Advisor: Michael Saenger


Canterbury of SU

Purpose: to create an atmosphere of open discussion concerning important issued in our world. Canterbury is sponsored by the Episcopal church, but all are welcome.

Advisor: Melanie Hoag


Catholic Student Association (CSA)

Purpose: to provide Catholic students with an environment for spiritual growth and fellowship in their journey of faith.

CSA meets on Mondays 6pm @ various locations.

For more information contact Kelsey Debner at  

Advisor: John Delaney


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Purpose: to present the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

FCA meets on Wednesdays, 9pm @ the Howry Center. 

For more information contact Travis Kurtz at    

Advisor: Glenn Schwab


Interfaith Dialogues

Purpose: to facilitate communication across faiths to learn more about ourselves and others.

Interfaith Dialogues meets to discuss topics every Thursday at 4:30.

For more information contact Jordan Curtis at   

Advisor: Patrick Verkamp 


Kappa Upsilon Chi (Kappa Chi)

Purpose: Men’s Christian fraternity organized to uphold and maintain Biblical Christian standards, to pursue a positive attitude, and to help others strengthen their academic achievement. 

Kappa Chi meets on Mondays at 8pm in the Olin Building Room 305.

For more information contact Ross Roach at  

Advisor:  Jason Chapman


United Methodist Student Movement (MSM)

Purpose: to provide opportunities for fellowship, service, worship and ministry to all students. Methodist and non-Methodist students are always welcome.

MSM will be meeting at a time yet to be determined.  Please call the x1527 for more information

For more information contact Marianne Brown at  

Advisor: Molly Jensen


Sigma Phi Lambda (Phi Lambs)

Purpose: Women’s Christian sorority organized to provide a source of fellowship to Christian women who seek to know Jesus.

Phi Lambs meet on Thursdays, 8:30pm @ Caskey Center. 

For more information contact Caitlin Lacker at  

Advisor:  Erin Crockett