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SIRA Student Employment Opportunities for 2015-16
Application must be completed by Friday, February 13th

Important Notes:
#1 - Online Applications are currently being accepted for each of the positions listed below. Please familiarize yourself with each position by downloading the pdf job description(s) for each position of interest. Then, complete the online application below by Friday, February 13th.

Job Descriptions for 2015-16 SIRA Staff Openings
- Intramural Supervisor (pdf)
- Equipment Manager (pdf)
- Sport Club Assistant (pdf)
- Office Assistant (pdf)
- Publicity Assistant (pdf)

#2 - Are you wanting to join the SIRA staff this semester? SIRA is always hiring intramural sports officials. Training clinics dates/times are listed on our intramural officials page.

#3 - If you have questions, you may contact us via email, call us at 512-863-1606 or stop by the SIRA Office (CJR 214). We'd be happy to answer any/all your questions about these positions, which are critical to the operation of the SIRA department.

Name and other basic information:

Name (include first and last)
E-mail (use SU e-mail)

Student ID #

Expected Graduation Date
Academic Major

Minimum/Maximum # of hours/week you'd like to work?


Which SIRA position(s) would you like to apply for?

Intramural Supervisor
Equipment Manager
Sport Club Assistant
Office Assistant
Publicity Assistant


Please respond to the following open-ended questions in the space provided below. Note: This form will not save your work. If you exit and return, you may need to start over.

Question #1 - Please list any previous experiences
(paid or unpaid) that would assist you in working with SIRA.

Question #2 - What is your philosophy of how SIRA programs fit
within the SU student experience?

Question #3 - What qualities and/or skills do you already possess
that would assist you while working for SIRA?

Question #4 - How will you prioritize your time for this SIRA
position relative to your other commitments (e.g. school work,
student organizations, other jobs, sports, etc.)?

Question #5 - SIRA assists in orientation for First-year students
and conducts staff training beginning approximately 10 days
before classes start in August. Will you be able to return to SU
by Saturday, August 15, 2015 (tentative date based on academic calendar for 2015-16) to participate in these activities?


Comments/questions about SIRA employment
(Note: this is not a required field)

Upon submiting this form you will receive an e-mail from SIRA within one working day acknowledging receipt of your application. Please be aware that interviews will not be scheduled until after the application deadline has passed.