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5 on 5 Basketball League


Entries Open: January 14th & Entries Close: January 30th

Click Here For Basketball Rules (PDF)

Click Here To Register A Team

Leaugue Brackets:

Corec Bracket

Women's Bracket

Men's Sunday 8pm

Men's Sunday 10pm

Men's Monday 10pm

Play Starts: February 9, 2014

Forfeit Fee: $10.00 per forfeit with a maximum of 2 forfeits.

Instant Schedules: Schedules are first come/first serve during the sign up period. You pick the time and day you want to play all your regular season games. Days and times are listed below.

Eligibility:All students, faculty/staff members, and their spouses are eligible to compete. Varsity Basketball players are not eligible to compete.

mens basketball


Day               Time              Division                      

SUNDAY     7:00pm          Women’s                   
SUNDAY     8:00pm          Men’s   
SUNDAY     9:00pm          Corec                         
SUNDAY     10:00pm        Men’s

MONDAY     8:00pm          Women’s                  
MONDAY     9:00pm          Men’s    
MONDAY     10:00pm        Men’s  

TUESDAY    8:00pm          Women’s                   
TUESDAY    9:00pm          Corec                        
TUESDAY    10:00pm        Men’s


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