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Want to play? Here are the intramural sports for which we are currently accepting entries...

Sand Volleyball


Visit for all SIRA intramural events.

NEED A TEAM TO PLAY ON? Sign up as a free agent. Click on this FREE AGENT link and it will give the SIRA office your information so that SIRA can try to place you with a team. Come out and play!

If you have questions please contact Anna Castillo at 863-1606 or via email at


Not finding the sport you want? Maybe you are too early or too late. SIRA's semesterly calendar includes a wide variety of events including all the intramural sports offerings. All the dates for sign-ups in the McCombs Campus Center are listed on this semesterly calendar.

Already signed up and looking for a schedule? Visit the intramural sports schedule page. On the schedule page you'll also find event flyers that give details about each sport (e.g. dates of play, number of players needed, etc.).

Can't find what you're looking for on our site? E-mail us at or call us at 863-1606.